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Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells - 10 Characteristics of the Universe - Part I

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The universe of Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells is a perilous one, full of dangers, enemies and terrible places. But it is also a universe of exotic and breathtaking vistas, of exciting adventure, and resourceful people.

The Cleansing Wars shaped the galaxies in such a way that entire cultures were changed, and some even erased from existence. The Galactic Overlords rule their domains with an iron hand. While their allies enjoy freedom and can have their own regions to administer, most of the universe population live under the boot of these sorcerous tyrants.

This game was created with the purpose of supporting adventures in the style of sword and sorcery tales but in a science fiction background. We can create adventures in which barbarians from the Outer Regions can go on a spaceship, together with a alien sorcerer and a robotic mechanic, to hunt for treasures of an older age of enlightenment, while also running from the cruel forces of sorcerous tyrants and their allies.

The Running the Galaxy chapter is written to provide the Overlord with the essential information about the universe of Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells. There, they will learn the nuances and characteristics that make the setting what it is, as well as get the tools he can use to create game content, like locations, individuals, cultures and much more!

10 Characteristic of the Universe

In order to help Overlords internalize some of the mains elements that make the setting of this game what it is, we created the following list of 10 characteristics to keep in mind when running Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells. Each element presents a small explanation of its applicability and a table of scenes the Overlord can introduce to reinforce it during adventures.

It’s a Post-Apocalyptic Universe

The universe had a cataclysmic event that changed it forever: The Cleansing Wars. Before that, legends say there was a age of enlightenment and civility. Sentient species all across the galaxies lived in harmony under the old Empire, leading to the advancement of all areas of knowledge and art. But, suddenly, the Galactic Overlords came, with a great power given by the Void. They feed the worst emotions in people, and the old Empire began to shatter. They were the new authority, and anyone who would defy them should be eliminated! Thus began the Cleansing Wars. Thousands of years later, the Galactic Overlords won, and the universe lies in ruins. In most planets, ruins can be found, with strange and advanced devices. Giant structures lie abandoned in space. Signs of this lost past are always nearby, if one looks hard enough through the dust and debris of today’s universe.

Signs of the Past
The ruins of a great conglomerate of strange tall buildings can be seen in the distance. The vision is at the same time inspiring and saddening, as you imagine what wonders were lost from that lost age.
A holographic projector that shows images of what seems a paradisiac world, with  sentients from all species living together, in a city where nature and technology was blended beautifully, until explosions start.
A gigantic starship crashed in an enormous crater. The design of the ship
Is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Strange lights and sounds can be perceived coming from the ship during the night. Rumors say the ship i sentient.
A huge circular space station with hundreds of docking space lies abandoned in the nearby space. Part of it was destroyed by some explosion. Rumors say the place is haunted by spirits of the Void.
A great statue sculpted in the nearby mountains depicting a regal looking alien. You can’t imagine any civilization spending resources and time to voluntarily building such thing.
A ruined museum of the accomplishments of a lost civilization. Paintings, statues and devices tell the story of a proud and independent people who no one has ever heard about.

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