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Elements of a Good Adventure - Preview of SS&SS 2e

Art by Bradley K. McDevitt It’s really hard to define a foolproof formula for creating good adventures, but some elements certainly help make it more interesting and exciting for everyone playing it. Like everything else, however, a single group may not be interested in all of these elements, but it’s usually a good idea to try to insert them in the adventures first to see how they respond. Choices that Matter RPGs are first and foremost about making choices--choices that matter,not simply mechanical choices during character creation, or whether to attack one bandit or another,. Choices can  dramatically alter the events in the story, so these choices need to be informed choices too. It makes no difference to choose between two paths in the forest with absolutely nothing to tell them apart from each other. Give them information, feed their senses. Think about what you can tell them about the choices they have to help them make a judgment call, and let their choices really affe

What’s Up With Old Skull Publishing in 2020?

Since my last blog post a lot of things have happened with Old Skull Publishing! I should update this more often but sometimes I get carried away with producing more and more stuff and push updates to “later” forever. Sorry! We have released a few products such as the following: The Egyptian Situation from Outer Time A campaign changing adventure for Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells involving time travel, ancient Egyptian gods and the mad priests surrounding it. Old Skull Zine #1 - Under the Cover of Darkness The first issue of our zine, focusing on our games brings a new adventure for Dark Streets & Darker Secrets; an organization to help or oppose them; a new supernatural Archetype and rules for relationships. Old Skull Zine #2 - Beyond the Prismatic Nebula The second issue focuses on Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells, bringing another adventure involving Space Amazons and a Void Star cult! It also presents new character options, information regarding sai