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More Challenging Combat for SS&SS, SB&CS and DS&DS

In my games, which use a system I am tentatively calling Old Skull System, the main Mechanic involves rolling a d20 and scoring a value equal to or under than the Attribute Score and above a Difficulty score. In combat, the Difficulty is determined by subtracting the Opponent's HD from the character's Level. If the Opponent's HD is lower than the character's Level, there is no Difficulty and it's only a roll equal to or under test. However, this mechanic of lowering the Difficulty with the character's Level doesn't really happen in other Attribute Tests. Characters become more competent as they manage to increase their scores, and acquire new abilities, but jumping a 20 feet wide chasm is as difficult to do in the first level as it is in the 5th level. Characters may increase their Attributes and become more competent, or their Archetype Abilities might be able to help them more, but the Difficulty is the same. So if you want to make combat even more c

Adventures in the World of Imagination - Running the Game - Part II

Here is the rest of the chapter focusing on running my RPG for Kids! Be Open to Changes Don’t be a stickler for rules. Playing with kids isn’t the same as playing with adults who know how to face hardship and know this is part of the fun. Kids are still learning that. Don’t be afraid to change things on the fly. Maybe the trap just breaks after a while. Maybe the monsters hear something strange and decide to run (and the characters should probably do the same). It is possible that the players will desire to change something about their characters in the middle of the game. Let them. They may even change their character completely, but they will still only get a Concept and 4 traits. Let them have fun and exercise their imagination. Over time, they will learn about growth and will appreciate consistency. Share the Spotlight When playing with more than one player, make sure to share the focus of the game with all of them equally. If a scene has been dominated by a character, t

Adventures in the World of Imagination - Running the Game - Part I

It's been a while, but I am back with more preview of the develpment of my Kid's RPG called Adventures in the World of Imagination! Today, let's look on some of the articles the chapter dedicated to Referees! We will look at the rest in a future post. Chapter 4: Running the Game One of the participants of the game, normally an adult or older brother, will be the Referee, the player responsible for act and a mediator and arbiter of the game. What Does the Referee Do? Referees are movie directors and producers all rolled into one. They aren’t also screenwriters because in a Role Playing Game, the story is only created as the game is played, not before. They are responsible for setting the stage for the characters to have great adventures. Referees create locations, other characters, monsters and other things that will interact with the player characters. They provide everything the players need to have fun playing the game, while also acting like judges and deciding

Lost in the Fantasy World and Maze of Many Portals

Nathan Treme is a freaking genius and started this magnificent Dungeon Pamphlet Jam over (although I can’t use it because it does not accept PayPal). He has been created some great small adventures and dungeons in pamphlet format and sending it to backers of his patreon and selling the PDFs over DriveThruRPG. I, obviously, wanted to join this jam and do something with this charming format. So I did something I’ve been wanting to make for a long time. An RPG inspired by a cartoon that was inspired by an RPG, the classic Dungeons & Dragons series of the 80s! So using the things I was designing for my kid’s RPG and some other gaming influences I made a quick and simple system that offer enough options to be interesting to more mature players but that still fit in a single pamphlet. The game is called Lost in the Fantasy World ! In it, you play as a kid or teenager who was teleported to this fantastic world of adventure and been give a powerful magical artifact by this