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The Dead Are Coming - Followers, Bands & Communities

    5 - Followers As your survivor and companions live through all this forsaken world’s hardships, you invariably attract followers. These individuals can help you in many situations—provided you take care of them. When the group saves someone, helps them significantly or, simply, becomes somewhat famous for prolonged survival, others start seeking them out to join. When convincing people to join, make a WIL save and offer 1d6 Resources. If successful they join your band. Typical stats: 1d4 HP, 2d6 STR, DEX and WIL and a Random Background. Unless specified, they follow the same rules as your survivor. 5.1 - Follower Morale When a follower or band is placed in a difficult situation, is Deprived by lack of food or water or feel used, they must pass a WIL save or leave (possibly betraying you if appropriate). If you treat them with respect and care, this save has Advantage. 6 - Bands & Communities At some point, your group may wish to form a Band or even establish a Community provide

The Dead Are Coming - How to Survive

4 - How to Survive The Referee describes a situation and scenario. You describe what your survivor will do. The Referee will narrate the outcome using the rules when needed. The conversation flows with the rules regulating situations that are uncertain and interesting. 4.1 - Role Playing You play as a survivor in a post-apocalyptic world with zombies and other terrible people. You say what they say, decide what they do and think for them. You can speak in first, second or third person (or switch between). You don’t need to act like an actor (you can if you want to), you just need to make decisions for them. 4.2 - Keep This in Mind To have improved chances of surviving and take the most out of this game, keep these in mind. Ask questions to clarify situations and acquire much needed information and make notes. Work with the other survivors. Plan ahead. Make allies, if you can. When you roll dice, you are risking everything. Make good plans and avoid the dice. Play to survive, but enjoy