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Nights of Daring Do in Lankhmar - West Marches Style Urban Campaign

As I write and illustrate more and more games (while still working on a day job) time for regular campaigns become rarer and rarer. I keep going to mini-cons here in Brazil and occasionally play with a more or less regular group. But I wanted to have a more regular game without the hurdle of organizing and remembering everyone of every session. So I decided to Judge an Open Table of Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG set in Lankhmar, the iconic city created by Fritz Leiber! Inspired by the concept of the West Marches campaign, each session would be independent from the next one, and players could come and go freely. In a urban setting, with lots of things going on, and focused on daring escapades of thieves and adventures done in the shadows, this concept could really shine I thought. Every session would be a single night. Everyone night one quick adventure or escapade, with almost endless possibilities. Players can do almost anything in a great city like Lankhmar and still go back to t

Adventures in the World of Imagination - Character Creation

Sorry it took longer than I expected to continue my posts regarding Adventures in the World of Imagination, but here it is. Today, I will post the draft text for the character creation character of my RPG for Kids! Chapter 3: Character Creation Who the players want to be in their daring adventures? A space cowboy who defend those in need? A brave knight who will fight the evil wizard to defend the Bright Kingdom? A magic amazon who defends everyone from the forces of shadow? They can be anything they want, and this chapter will help them create the character they want to have great adventures with. Step 1 - Name and Concept The first step in creating a character in Adventures in the World of Imagination is giving it a evocative name and a Concept. A Concept is a short phrase that explains what the character is. This will look something like this: Zultan, the Space Knight Alza, the Magic Princess Milus, the Super Wizard The Concept not only helps establish who the chara

Dark Streets & Darker Secrets Kickstarter is Live Right Now!

Print proof of the book! Wow! Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells has just been released! It has been a little more than a month, but it seems like it was yesterday! But I have a new game coming out again! Dark Streets & Darker Secrets is my take on action horror and urban fantasy and I call it street and sorcery. It uses pretty much the same system as Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells with various small adjustments to fit the genre better. The tone of the game is inspired by TV series such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, Grimm, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and X-Files (and a little bit of our own world that is pretty terrifying). This game is coming out through a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter, and it has already funded (yey, we got our initial expenses covered)! We have also reached 2 stretch goals, a Referee Screen (to be printed and used with customizable GM screens) and a small adventure, which will very likely be extended into a full issue of the upco

Adventure in the World of Imagination - Rules of the Game

My son always loved dice... Last week I posted about my latest passion project, Adventures in the World of Imagination . This is a simple, yet fun and flexible game to play with kids of 3-4 years old and up. I made this game thinking about my son, and I have been playing with him for a few weeks and we've had some fun times. Today I will post my draft of the chapter that contains the rules of the game. Chapter 2: Rules of the Game This game is all about using creativity to solve problems and overcome challenges, but even though some rules must be established in order to put organize how the heroes created by the players will do all this. Core Rule The core rule revolves around the acting player character rolling a D6 and adding all their bonuses (that can come from character traits and the player’s own creative actions) and comparing the result to a D6 rolled by the Referee, which is also modified by the obstacle bonuses. This rule is used whenever a situation involves

Adventure in the World of Imagination - Writing a Game for my Son

My son, playing as Jake from Adventure Time. My son is 3 and a half years old. He talks a lot. He is kinda clumsy, but boy, he can talk. And create stories, and pretend he is all sorts of things. And he sees me gaming and wants to game with me. I, obviously, couln't wait to be able to play with him. So I didn't. I made a game to play with him, a super simple RPG that would let me play anything he wanted, that he could make the characters he would want to play and that he could even be the Referee after a while. I am calling it "Adventures in the World of Imagination", and I am almost done with the first draft. I want to publish it like a children's book, with nice art and thick paper (you may not know this, but I did work with children's book some years ago and have publish my own books here in Brazil). Thus, I will start sharing what I have here, and once it's pretty much done, I will share the whole draft with you! Chapter 1: Introduction Kid