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The Dead Are Coming - The Zombies

  9 - Zombies Some call them the Deathless, Walkers or some other dumb name. They are flesh eating mutant creatures that devour or infect you making you one of them. Run from them. If you can’t, aim for the head. 9.1 - Zombie Traits All zombies share these common characteristics: Don’t require Food, Water or Rest to survive. Cannot suffer Critical Damage and fight until their STR reaches 0. Don’t check Morale. All damage against them explodes: when the damage die’s highest result is rolled, roll it again until you don’t roll the highest result, combining your results. Desire nothing more than to eat your flesh. 9.2 - Zombie Infection When a survivor takes STR damage from a Zombie attack they must make a STR save to avoid being Infected.  When Infected, make a STR Save daily. After 3 failures you become the Zombie type that infected you (or something similar if not possible). 9.3 - Sample Zombies Here are some examples of zombies found in the world. There can be many other types, as the

The Dead Are Coming - Running the Apocalypse

  8 - Running The Apocalypse While the world practically ended, survivors are still going to explore every inch of it trying to make it for another day. 8.1 - Exploration When exploring outside of action scenes time is measured in Turns during which a survivor can make a major action such as: examining a part of the location, moving to a different room or engaging with something or someone. 8.2 - Traveling Use a hexagonal map where each hex is 6 miles a side and 12 miles across. A group of survivors can normally travel 12 miles (1 hex) per watch. Some terrain types (swamps, hills, thick forests, etc.) reduce this by half, taking two watches to travel 1 hex. Rest A Survivor who doesn’t  rest at least one watch every two days is Exhausted. Weather Roll 2d6 to determine the daily weather—which can be a worthy adversary in the end of the world. Weather that is bolded are dangerous conditions for traveling. Each watch spent traveling under these conditions triggers a STR Save to avoid cons

The Dead Are Coming - Refereeing in the Apocalypse

  7 - Refereeing in the Apocalypse Someone is the Referee, responsible for guiding the other players through the game, adjudicating rules and playing every other character they encounter including zombies. 7.1 - Referee Principles When refereeing, remember the following principles: Make the World Dangerous The world has—sort of—ended. There are flesh eating zombies and desperate people that won’t hesitate taking other survivors’ things. Illustrate signs of these dangers whenever possible, reminding them they’re always in danger. Be The Survivors’ Senses You are the PCs’ eyes and ears—and all other sensory organs. Provide all the necessary information and, when in doubt, more than you think they need. Describe the situation using more than what they see or hear, answering their questions generously. The game can have surprises, but players should have a chance of uncovering them with the right questions. Telegraph Danger This is a deadly game: provide plentiful warnings of the dangers a