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The Origins of Attelius - Part I

Today I will share a little bit about the history of the setting depicted in the Attelius tookit for Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells. Each "Age" will have a general description and a table with random legends and beliefs connected to that period, which the Referee can use to inspire his games and create adventure hooks with. Very little is known about the origins of this and any other world. However, much is speculated by the many Chroniclers of the Order. There are many theories regarding these primal times sponsored by many different scholars from varying cultures. Each of them seem to favor their own people as the ones who bear the truth of this beginning. Of course, this generates much conflict and debate in the Order and among the People who defend their own vision above all else. Some wars have even fought because of these beliefs. Generally, most cultures agree that before time began, only the Void existed, and a being formed by non existence decided it

Anttelius - A World of Warlocks & Barbarians - An Introduction - Part IV

Artwork by Joyce Maureira Ok, today I am sharing the last part of the 10 main themes of my setting tookit for Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells . The Gods Have Left The supernatural is real and feared. Demons stalk in the shadows and under old ruins. The gods, however, are silent and distant, if they exist at all. Religions still abound, promising salvation, blessings and refuge from chaos. Most of them give only an illusion of hope and explore their heard to fill their vaults with whatever they can pluck from the hands of the believers. There are very few who actually make an effort to give spiritual guidance and comfort to the flock. Most religions serve as a political organization that keep the masses under control and manipulate them to their interests. There are a few priests and holy man that wield supernatural powers but these doesn’t come from their gods for sure. Some, in their irrational zeal, may believe it does, but it is probably bestowed by a devious demon or o

Anttelius - A World of Warlocks & Barbarians - An Introduction - Part III

Today I am posting the third part of the 10 main characteristics that shape the world of Anttelius, the setting tookit I am writing for Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells . Knowledge is Lost Knowledge is a privilege for the few. And even them don’t know the whole truth. What happened in the previous ages of this world has been forgotten, and the records of those times are lost and forgotten in ruined cities and buried temples. Most of the population is illiterate, and the knowledge of math and other sciences is as rare as a diamond. There are, however, a few orders of scholars how collect the lost tomes of previous ages and study the history of Anttelius. They guard these as an ancient wyrm protects its treasure, since knowledge is power in a world where very few have access to it. d12 Signs of Lost Knowledge 1 The homeless making a small fire with old books they’ve found in the nearby ruins. 2 Statues of old kings that no one has records of. 3 Great tall t