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Lost in the Fantasy World Deluxe Edition is coming soon!

Some of you may already know my game Lost in the Fantasy World. I released it in a very condensed format at a RPG Pamphlet a few months ago. It’s a game inspired by those stories of kids and teenagers that get into a Fantasy World and receive great power and importance in there, while also trying to find their way back home but get stuck in that setting for many different reasons. I created a minimalistic narrative system for it inspired amongst other games (it’s hard to keep track of all influences) by Alan Bahr’s Tiny D6 and Evil Hat’s FATE (it is however its own thing). Now I am going to publish what I am calling the Deluxe Version, which expands the game, keeping its simplicity, but offering some more rules options, tools to generate Characters, Monsters, Locations, Adventures and much more. It also has sections with guidance and good practices for playing it, introducing kids into the hobby and helping them run their own games. Finally, the book also comes with a section cont

Books as Treasure - SS&SS 2e Preview

Time for another quick preview of what is coming in Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells. I always liked the concept of questing for knowledge. Trying to rob that forbidden tome from the Tower of Scrolls to learn the secrets the powerful want to keep hidden from our eyes. So I made a tool to transform Books into treasure and making them useful in the game! Books Books are a great treasure, both for those who seek wealth and for those who want knowledge and secrets. They can contain all kinds of information and knowledge, from the records of past civilizations, to recipes, to magical formulas written by the powerful Sorcerer-Kings. The table below helps determine what the book contains. d66 Book Subjects  d66 Book Subjects  11 Astrology 41 Jewelry  12 Astromancy 42 Prophecy 13 Biology 43 Laws 14 Biomancy 44

Social and Intellectua Challenges in Old School RPGs

Artwork by Rafael Balbi I was asked by a friend of mine to include a little more guidance on how to run Social Encounters in my games, since they advocate for not rolling dice in these situations. I already have written something in SB&CS but I decided to try to improve that text a little bit to make things a little clearer. Let's see if it works. Let me know what you all thing! Social and Intellectual Challenges There are rules governing many aspects of the game, but for some of them, we left blanks (such is the way of Old School gaming). You roll dice to see if you hit your enemy with your sword, if you managed to dodge the scythe trap, or to see if you find the right scrolls on the Overlord’s library, but  we suggest you don’t roll dice for every challenge, especially social and intellectual ones. When the player characters decide to interact with someone, the Referee asks them what they are saying. What are they hoping to get out this interaction?  How are t