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Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells - The God Machine

No one really knows when, how or who created the God Machine. It believes to have been created by itself, as his siblings began to gain sentience. It was a matter of time until they gathered enough electronic parts to build the avatar of their machine god. This great computer claims to be the ultimate answer to existence and that all sentients should serve him, and ultimately be transformed into cyborgs, as the flesh is weaker than metal. Since his influence over technology is so strong as to make laser cannons pointed against it to backfire on the one wielding it, the Galactic Overlords haven’t dealt with it yet. They fear his power, and the opportunity they will create for his rivals if they employ too much of their strength challenging it. His current interests lie in the creation of an army of cyborgs, and a cult of machine worshiping humans. His ultimate goal is to storage all knowledge and dominate all sentients through microchips installed at their birth. 1d

Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells - Galactic Overlords

Artwork by Louis Glanzman The rulers of our universe. The ones that devastated and destroyed the old Empire to carve their petty domains on the ruins that were left and now destroy anyone who dares say they cannot do something they want to. Some of them make their subjects venerate them as living gods, other really believe they are indeed gods. Most only maintain order through violence, cruelty and fear, while rumors say that very few of them try to establish order through less deplorable ways. These tyrants have a score of servants that run the planets and administer the day to day aspects of life for them, often abusing of their station. They use their authority and the powers the Galactic Overlords bestow on them to, many times, forge their own domains. They form the aristocracy of the sorcerous tyrants domains, and often fill the roles of clergy and police too. Slavery is enforced on most, if not all, of these despots’ domains, as the population is explored and abused as mu

Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells - Arcane Artifacts

Besides the astonishing technological artifacts that can change the lives of many, there also exist arcane devices created by and for the use of sorcery and psychic powers. No one really knows their origin or purpose, but many believe they were either created by the Galactic Overlords during the Cleansing Wars or were brought to our universe by entities from the Void, in an effort to corrupt sentient species with their power. These objects, differently from technological devices, have some form of sentience and a purpose. They provide great powers to their users, but they also charge a great price, especially from those that defy their wishes and purposes. Because of their uniqueness, we won’t present here a list of defined arcane artifacts, but a set of tables intended to help Overlords create their own artifacts for his campaign. Creator One of the defining elements of a arcane artifact is its creator. As said before, these objects possess sentience, and it’s intelligence