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Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells - Starship Crew's Actions - Part II

Artwork by Louis Glanzman

Time to finish off the Crew Actions examples from the Vehicles and Starship Combat part of the Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells draft text.

Boosting Engines

A technician may redirect the vehicle’s energy reserves to boost its engines temporarily. To do this, the character makes an Intellect test with a Difficulty equal to the numbers of rounds he wants to give the ship an additional Movement action. This also forces an immediate Durability Roll for the ship.

Boost Weapons

A technician may redirect the vehicle’s energy reserves to temporarily improve the output of a vehicle’s guns. Making an Intellect test with a Difficulty equal to the number of guns he wishes to affect, he can either increase its range by one category, or inflict an additional point of damage per dice of damage it originally inflicts. This lasts for 1d6 rounds but forces an immediate Durability Roll for the ship.

Comm Jamming

A character operating the communication systems may try to emit a staggering amount of waves to jam the enemy ship’s communication systems. This can usually be used against ships up to medium distance and is made like a normal attack using Intellect. If successful, this action makes the target ship unable to properly communicate with others, as long as said character keeps jamming their channels.

Sensors Jamming

Similarly, a sensor operator may ostensibly emit a staggering amount of signals to hinder the sensors of an enemy ship, making it harder to use their targeting systems, or their other sensors (used to scan a region for signs of life, electromagnetic signals and other things). In game terms, a character makes an Intellect attack against a ship within medium range. If successful, that ship receives a Negative Die to all tests related to the sensor systems jammed.

Combat Jury Rigging

Mechanics may make the difference between dying in a big ball of fire or surviving another dangerous battle in space. A character may make a an Intellect test with a Difficulty equal to double the amount amount of Hull points they wish to restore. These repairs do not last forever, and the ship loses the Hull points regained in an amount of turns equal to the Difficulty used in the test.

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