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It has been a long and perilous journey…

I don’t quite remember exactly when the idea for Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells hit my mind. Maybe it began to form the first time I saw Star Wars when I was a kid. But it surely took a more identifiable form after years of media consumption, including comic books, pulp literature, movies and especially games! The fact is that around 2012 I discovered the Old School Renaissance, its games and the great and diverse community around it. I fell instantly in love with it and with the endless possibilities it offered. The Appendix N literature that formed much of the backbone of inspiration for many of its games was very refreshing to me (I basically grew up believing D&D and fantasy to be simply a derivation of Tolkien’s Middle-Earth). The way many members of the community created their own stuff, shared it around, published it online and added a little bit of their own weirdness and creativity to the melting pot of OSR gaming made me feel I could finale make the game my own,

Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells Giveaway Contestants - Results soon!

I am ashamed to only be doing this now, but SB&CS took some time out of my life (but it’s for a good cause, I promised). Last year, I posted about a Adventure Idea contest to give away copies of SS&SS and the Addendum . The number of copies given away would vary according to the number of contestants. However, we just had 10 entries, so that is just one bundle to give away. Before announcing the winner, I would like to post here the name of all contestants and the name of their entry. If I am missing anyone, PLEASE, let me know so I can correct this and draw a winner with all the entries. I may have missed one or two, who knows. Dan Davis - The Archway of the Oneiric Fortress Jason Marby - The Chamber in the Swamp of Death Bruno Araujo - The Chamber in the Swamp of Death Black Barth - The Tourney of the Unforgiving Warrior Diego Santos - The Battle of the Obsidian pyramid Gary Anastasio - The Orb of the Eternal Merchant Jim Miller - The Bard of the Frozen Woo