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How to never describe a dungeon!

Artwork by Luigi Castellani I've heard it a thousand times. You probably heard it too. Some people , I don't know why, say that dungeons , especially large ones, are boring . The endless repetitions of rooms and corridors and having to choose to go left, right, north or south depresses them. I don't know why. Actually, I do know why. Because they don't really know how to run a dungeon in play. It seems easy, effortless. Just say what's in the room the PCs are in and where the passages going out of it go. But it's not. They get bored with the "you get to a intersection and there is a door to the north and two passages, one going east and one going west" because that's a terrible way of describing a dungeon environment and gives nothing really useful to the players to choose from. You never describe a dungeon like that . There's a lot more going on that we can initially see. A good referee will take all the context of what the dungeon w

The Creation - Of a Blog and a Universe

Artwork created by myself for the SS&SS - Addendum book Here we go again. Another blog. New beginning. The creation of a new universe. Sharing is important, I believe. So that's what I am here for. Sharing stuff. Stuff I am working on (my own projects, my artwork, my books, my games), ideas I am having about gaming, stuff I like and I wish more people would know about. So I am going to share here stuff about creating new stuff. Creative gaming content. Especially regarding the OSR .