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Alternate Vancian Magic System for OSR Games

Beware where you prepare your spells! Okay, let me get his out straight away. I am not an Jack Vance scholar, literature major, or real wizard. I just love OSR games, love what I’ve read of The Dying Earth Series and other Appendix N books and really like to tinker with game systems (as well as create stuff). So I’ve come up with an alternate Vancian Magic System that makes spellcasting more flexible, leveless (even though you can still use the standard spell list in your game of choice) and insert some risk in the sorcery art (which I think is essential, as we are dealing with unnatural forces). In the stories I’ve read, magicians, when they were imparting the spell energies in their minds to cast them later, would make increasingly greater effort to put as many spells as they could in their memory. There was not definite limit. Some could impart more, some less, and this could vary. They could risk filling their minds with spells, but if they pushed too hard, they could lose an

SB&CS - What Now?

Another full page artwork I did for the project. The campaign has ended a week ago, and things seems to be calming down from the outside. But that’s not entirely true on the inside. Of course I don’t have to worry about promoting the campaign anymore, but now I gotta plan exactly how to use the stretch goals funds. To complicate things, the conversion factor from my country’s currency and the dollar is varying a lot, and the conversion rate I will receive the dollar and the one I will use to pay international collaborators will be different (I will receive with a inferior rate than the one I will pay them with, so I have to calculate how this will affect the whole budget). Fortunately, I can continue doing my own art since I won’t charge myself anything! Editing and proofreading should be done by July or so, I believe. At least the first pass before we lay the book out and send it to a new pass. When the funds actually drop and I make the first round of payments, I can underst