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Art Sale

 As many of you know, I am an illustrator in addition to being a writer and game designer. I make artwork for my own games and the publications of other authors too.

I work mostly with traditional media, using Bristol Paper, pen, ink and washes. This means I have lots of original pieces here, and I intend to sell some of them as I need some space and I could really use some financial help.

So here we go. Below are pictures of the originals I am selling right now and their asking price. There’s an addition of 10 dollars for shipping, no matter how many originals are purchased. Payment is through Payoneer preferably, but PayPal is also accepted if you cannot do Payoneer (Payoneer fees are much better here in Brazil). If you want any of them, contact me through social media or at diogoarte at

Witch on pentagram with cat (full page): 100 USD
Giant spider with hatchlings on her back (half page): 75 USD

Adventure party reading a book (Full Page): 90 USD (SOLD)
Monster Hunters from DS&DS (full page): 100 USD

Badass woman being followed by suspicious robed figure (Full page): 100 USD
Monster in the alley (full page): 85 USD

Monster hunters seeing vampire in the sky (full page): 90 USD
Ladies fighting monster over a police car (full page): 100 USD

Adventurers checking armored statue (full page): 85 USD
Adventurers seeing dagger on the pentagram (full page): 90 USD

Cyber-eyed punk scanning (quarter page): 45 dollars
Cyber-hacker with glasses and bit glitch (quarter page): 45 dollars

Warrior facing a hydra (quarter page): 50 dollars
Skeleton inside gelatinous cube (quarter page): 45 dollars (SOLD)

Kraken eating a ship (quarter page): 50 dollars (SOLD)
Bloody skeleton (quarter page): 45 dollars (SOLD)

Iron golem (quarter page): 45 dollars
Warrior facing worm (quarter page): 45 dollars

Dragonkin holding a doble bladed spear (quarter page): 45 dollars
Dragon guarding treasure hoard (quarter page): 50 dollars.

Cinderfist monk (quarter page): 45 dollars
Blackguard facing paladin (quarter page): 45 dollars
Assassin slicing victim's throat (quarter page): 45 dollars
Necromancer staring at a skull: 45 dollars (SOLD)

Adventurers in the valley of monsters (half page): 70 dollars (SOLD)

12 headed hydra (half page): 65 dollars (SOLD)
Haunted house with shadows (half page): 65 dollars

Banshee (quarter page): 45 dollars
Manticore (quarter page): 45 dollars

Exorcism scene (full page): 90 dollars
Goblins and hobgoblins in a tunnel (quarter page): 45 dollars
hagkin in a swamp (quarter page): 40 dollars

Woman fleeing monsters in the underground (full page): 90 dollars
Uruk army marching to battle (full page): 110 dollars

Skeleton mage sitting in their throne (full page): 100 dollars (SOLD)
Adventurers approaching a ruined church (full page): 100 dollars

Woman facing retro robots (full page): 90 dollars
Adventurer in front of portal with symbols (full page): 90 dollars

Cyclops catching a pterosaur (half page): 65 dollars
Flying snake (quarter page): 40 dollars

Spider lord with zombies (half page): 65 dollars
Goatmen on rampage (quarter page): 45 dollars

Killer wasps with mutations (half page): 60 dollars
Witch with cat (full page): 85 dollars

Witch's ritual (full page): 100 dollars (SOLD)
Adventurers facing gelatinous mass with sorcerer's tower (full page): 85 dollars (SOLD)

Adventurers facing monsters from various genres (double sided page): 120 dollars

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