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Anttelius - Arthasians

I will start sharing some of the text I wrote for the various cultures of humanity in Anttelius - A World of Warlocks & Barbarians. Arthasians The sons of Arthasia, the goddess of earth, the mother of all living beings. The most common and widespread people in Anttelius. They are the common men and women, descendants of the many ethnicities that mingled under the rule of the Empire of Zartar. They are a varied lot, with individuals of almost all builds, complexions and colors of hair and eyes. Their most characteristic trait, whoever is the easy assimilation of other culture’s customs, traditions and habits, showing a great capacity for adaptability and tolerance, which sets them apart for most of other people of Anttelius. Recently, however, a new development has changed this characteristic on the Arthasians, as a large group of them founded the first free and democratic City-State in Anttelius, Esperas. The city is growing fast and prosperous, but its future is uncerta