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Anttelius - The Current Age

Ok! Last post on this series of the history of my setting, Anttelius - A World of Warlocks and Barbarians for Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells! Next post we will look into the many different cultures of the world!

The Current Age

After thousands of years roaming the savage regions of Anttelius in search for a place to live and prosper, humanity finally settled and rose to their rightful place. The beginning of this age is marked by the occupation of Mezzanthia by the Eleans, who quickly developed a civilization around it.

In a few decades, Mezzanthia became a beacon of light in a dark world. The Eleans welcomed many cultures within its walls, although reserved the higher status to their own, and again began developing a rich culture with arts, science and other significant advances. This however, didn’t last long.

The advancement of civilization in Mezzanthia attracted people from all around Anttelius and riches poured into the city and into the hands of the noble Eleans. Soon, they had more than they knew what to do with it and they fell in to a decadent life, spending their time enjoying their success instead of pursuing further advancements. Whether this was the effect of a Zartarian curse released in the city is still debated in the Order of Chroniclers.

At the same time, many other people were finally establishing themselves in the world. The Ravinai arrived from a strange mist in the extreme west, claiming they had come from another world. The Ongh’Khezians claim to have found their extraplanar ancestry and are looking for their way back home. Down in the south the Ungawa developed a very spiritually evolved society around their sacred trees and totemic spirits. All around humanity seem to have found ways to enlighten their path in the darkness surrounding them.

Although it is too early to tell whether these fickle candles will remain lit for long.

The Current Times
The Eleans of Mezzanthia have peered too much into ancient Zartarian records and arcane writings, corrupting their very essence. Every day the spirits of the fallen Zartarian sorcerers spread their influence among the noble Eleans, making them more decadent and prone to the influence of chaos.
To the north beyond the lands of the brutal Solsonnir, there is a kingdom of ashes, bones and malevolence. An Zartarian Sorcerer-King escaped the plane of shadows and brought back thousands of damned souls with him. If everything goes according to his plan, Zartar will return from the ashes along with all the dead Zartarians under his command.
The Atthignus follow the guidance of their moon priests and read the destiny of others in the stars. It’s believed that most of them are scoundrels and con men, but there are a few whoncan actually see the future in the full face of the moon.
A large group of surviving Zartarians have established themselves in Mezzanthia’s old side and seem to ge content to just observe the cures occupants of their former city. Rumors talk about a plan to resurrect a old Sorcerer-Kings to put their race back in the throne of Anttelius.
Legends speak of a paradisiac land, far off from the prying eyes of all people of Anttelius, pure and free of any corruption of chaos. Hundreds of pilgrims take the journey to this land every total eclipse, but none has returned to confirm its existence. Some speculate that this legend was created to attract foolish mortals to their doom.
The cataclysmic fall of the Empire of Zartar complete changed and corrupted out reality. Until today there are complete cultures lost in space and time, wandering throughout Anttelius without being able to find a place to live. At any moment, though, thousands of individuals could come out of this temporal prison and arrive to our current world. The question is, will they be friends or foes?
Some of the cultures see their journey to their current homelands as a holy pilgrimage every one of them has to undertake to finally understand their place in the world. Obviously, some brigands and bandits take the opportunity to harass and assault those that take this path.
The Blood Star heralded the approach of dark and sinister times according to ancient Zartarian myths. The Astrologers of the Order of Chroniclers say that this dreadful star is coming closer and closer to Anttelius. What doom will fall upon us?
The Blind Seer of the Emerald Island sees the coming of a great leader among humanity that will lead them to a new Age of Enlightenment. However, a trio of rivals under the influence of chaos will do anything to stop him. One must protect this leader for the race of men and women is to find their destiny.
Most of current people are not looking for a new place to settle anymore. However, a strange sorcerer roams the known realms talking to great leaders of a far away land of riches and opportunity. They also talk about a great cataclysmic event to happen on the Known Realms, however is never clear on what this might be.
A new star has appeared on the sky and many chroniclers are starting to theorize about its meaning. Some claim it heralds a new age of progress and light for humanity, others that this signifies the coming of a new player in the game, a new race that will obfuscate all others. What is the real meaning and purpose of this new star remains unknown.
Ancient ruined structures are suddenly appearing completely reformed and restored to their better state overnight all across Anttelius. How does this and to which purpose remais to be determined.

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