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Anttelius - The Coming of the Ancient Ones

Continuing with the preview of my setting toolkit for Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells!

The Coming of the Ancient Ones

It is unknown when exactly the first civilization of sentient beings came to Anttelius, but it’s commonly believed they came from another time and space to out world. The most ancient ruins found in our age might date from this period and have depictions of strange alien creatures performing rituals and other activities. Their architecture also seem made for another race that isn’t quite human.

However, there are signs that the first humans began appearing in this age, often depicted as slaves or subjects of these alien beings. It’s unknown if humans were created by them or brought from another world or dimension by their mightiest sorcerers.

Legends of the Ancients
The first civilization to ever evolve in the early days of Anttelius can from the Void beyond the stars, riding the Aetheric currents with their chitinous wings. This race created many of the living beings we know today, including the race of men and women. Some say they could even control us if they came back.
The Ancient Ones, a perfect race of sentient beings came to Anttelius briefly and planted the seed to sentient life in hopes of creating an equal race to share the knowledge of the Universe. Some say they will return one day and judge us all. Others say that they already came and judged us not worth of their time.
There lies a great crystalline cosmic vessel in the deepest cavern of all Anttelius. This vessel was used by a great race of explorers that came long ago but who vanished without leaving a trace. Its secrets now can just be solved discovering their vehicle.
A race of shape changing aliens rules Anttelius for thousands of years until their human slaves rebelled against them, shattering their manacles and toppling their towers. However, they still live amongst us, hidden, awaiting their time to return to the thrones of the world.
An unknown race who rules our world long before humans have risen from apedom left portals leading to the many dimensions where they had colonies. No one knows the location or how to actually activate those portals however.
The first races to como to Anttelius were fleeing from their enemies in their universe. They disappeared when these enemies also came to our world. If theae beings ever return, it will be the end of us all.
An alien species of coloners still live side by side with the current human civilizations, we just can’t see them because they live phased out in a parallel dimension they created to live secretly an use us as playthings.
A crypt of old alien kings lies in the Desert of Purple Ruination, with the corpses of horrifying beings completely preserved as if merely sleeping. They are awaiting the time to wake up and retake their kingdoms.
It is rumored that an strange artifact with an impossible geometry can be used to communicate with the ancient kings of the early ages of Anttelius and, if the user has a strong force of will, learn their secrets!
The time has come. The Great Race is returning to elevate the chosen ones above the rabble and take them back to the paradise world they live in. Repent or you will be damned to an existence of suffering, ignorance and darkness.
There is a hidden valley among the Mountains of the Freezing Howls where lies a collection of strange alien statues. These depict the many different alien kings that ruled our world. In certain nights when the stars align in the right configuration portals to different times and places open, allowing the passage from both sides.
Some of the ancient races that ruled Anttelius have devolved into barbarism, now living in the ruins of their old cities as savages. Deep within these ruins, their ancient treasures still lie hidden from the eyes of today’s world.
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