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The Creation - Of a Blog and a Universe

Artwork created by myself for the SS&SS - Addendum book

Here we go again. Another blog. New beginning. The creation of a new universe. Sharing is important, I believe. So that's what I am here for. Sharing stuff. Stuff I am working on (my own projects, my artwork, my books, my games), ideas I am having about gaming, stuff I like and I wish more people would know about. So I am going to share here stuff about creating new stuff. Creative gaming content. Especially regarding the OSR.

So, to save your time (and mine), let's jump right at it. I am creating something. Or somethings. One of the things I am working on right now is a Setting book for Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells, called Antellius - A World of Warlocks and Barbarians. And I want to make it in the style of Yoon-Suin and Hubris. I want it to be a Setting Tool Kit instead of big repository of details that one has to memorize in order to use it in play.

In this vein, there will be a section of the book dedicated to the origin of the world, of the universe. But it won't have a definitive theory. The chroniclers of the ancient city of Mezzanthia will provide many different versions of what happened, but who knows what will be the truth. That's for the referee to decide, or to randomly roll on the table.

Universe Origin
First, there was the Void, the Nothing. But it had sentience. It realized it could only exist if there was something. The Void only made sense if there was something to contrast itself to. So out of nothing came everything. And along the many eons, we cherished everything but the Void. Not it hates everything that was created, and he wants to be alone again.
Nolean and Iarin, the Love Gods gave birth to everything there is. Through their constant orgies, between themselves and with everything they themselves created, more and more were created.
The Universe we live is a lie, an illusion, the product of the dream of a dying god. We have little time left to live, but each second of the dying god’s life can be ages in our time.
We created ourselves with our willingness to exist. All that has happened and will happen is the product of our own desires, fears and hopes.
In the beginning it was all dark. Then Alios awakened from his sleep. The Sun God covered everything with his unforgiving and relentless light. No one could escape its gaze and all should obey him. But his light awoke Paluna, the moon goddess, and she sheltered us from the burning gaze and authoritarianism of Alios. She reflected only the light we needed from him, and provided us with shadows and a way to see our path.
Before everything, there was only Chaos. Only monsters and daemons were created at this age. But one of them realised that there could be more. That beauty, peace, love and unity could exist. The threw his daemonic form away and became Rullikar. He created out of the discarded parts of his daemonic nature what we are today, proving we all can change if we accept him and fight the war against Chaos.
Our Universe was empty. It didn’t exist. But the Ancients came to our dimension, feeling from the Others that hunted them down in their original world. It was them who created everything we know and care for. They thought us to stand, to think, to talk, to create. But the Others followed them here, through the Void they attacked them and brought back the old war. They had just one option: To go back and end it once and for all.
The raw elements were everything that existed for many ages. But they all got tired of one another and tried to create siblings, mixing their own matter. This continue to this day. Every day something new can be created. We are the result of creative ancestors, and we all have the responsibility to create our own world.
The was the primordial egg, containing both the essence of animals and that of men. When it hatched, animals and men worked together and the world prospered. But as the eons have passed, men and animal grew apart, distancing each other, forgetting they were once one and the same. Men became obsessed with himself, egotistical, cold. Animal became irrational, savage, brutal. Only when we realize we are one and the same, balance will be restored.
Ragar, the great serpent, created the world on her own body. Her sons, Solhain e Manehain were the sun and the moon, and would take care of her creation. But they were proud gods, and sought to get admiration from the mortal subjects, fighting each other for reverence. One day, however, Ragar will punish her sons.
Yuzul, the first, was a lonely good. But he could not create anything. Loneliness took him over, and he committed suicide. From his entrails, life was born, and matter created. From his soul, came the spirits that surround us. We are all part of him, and he is everyone of us.
X’Zagoth, the frog god of secrets, created the universe with the song of his croaking. It’s only following the secret music of his croaking, and finding the secrets he left behind that humankind with achieve its well-deserved place in the universe.

This is, of course, still a work in progress. But my goal is to make many aspects of the game like this. Provide plenty of options and customizations while still giving the core elements and the soul of the setting. I hope I can accomplish that.

If you like what you've just read, check out my books over RPGNow and Lulu.

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