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Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells - How did you get a Starship!?

The setting of Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells is pretty dark and grim, and it's very unlikely that a character could "buy" a starship in the beginning of his career (and maybe, even at the middle of it, since owning one could make you more independent from the sorcerous despots that rule the universe, and more likely that you could challenge their authority.

However, it is still a game of sword and sorcery in the stars. I wanted to give players a starship nonetheless, but they need to come up with a good story on how they got one, or they could roll on a random table (yeah, I love random tables).

How Did We Get Our Starship?

Starships are not sold in every corner of the universe, especially after the Cleansing Wars. The technology to actually build them is almost lost to most sentient species, and the Galactic Overlords don’t look too fondly on the independence a starship gives to their owners.

But even ignoring this, starships are extremely expensive, normally out of reach of most individuals, unless you they are extremely rich, which adventurers are not.

So the player characters will have to come up with a reasoning behind the acquisition of their own starship. If they need some help, they can roll on the table below and start from there. If they can come up with a reasoning that can drive the game forward and inspire adventures, the better!

How did we get our starship?
A stranger ran into the group while running away from someone and handed them the keys to the ship. He said he would come back for it, but haven’t so far. Why was he running?
The group won the starship in a game of cards. They also won the animosity of the previous owner in the process. Who is the previous owner?
The character inherited the starship from a distant relative he never heard about. That relative isn’t dead, however. He is hiding. What’s he hiding from?
The group stole the ship from someone that now hunts them down. Who did they steal it from?
A mysterious benefactor gave the starship to the party saying he would eventually come back t ask for a favor. He hasn’t done that yet. Who is he?
The group found the starship abandoned in a crater. No signs of its crew nearby and with all the internal records blank. What happened to the previous crew?
Someone owned the group a big amount and someday showed up with the starship to pay their debt. How did he got that starship though is still a mystery. Is someone trying to get it back?
The starship is actually owned by an organization that the characters eventually work for. What’s the organization they are working for?
The group actually put the ship together with a collection of parts from many other ships they found during their adventures. This, unfortunate, causes some strange malfunctions now and then. What problems do they usually have?
The starship is from one the character’s family, and thus he has some obligations with them. What do they need to do to stay in good graces with the character’s family?
The group received the starship as payment for a service well done. The problem is that they didn’t do anything. They probably got the ship by mistake and now someone is after them to correct this. Who should have won the starship in their place?
The group was offered a deal they couldn’t refuse. However, the ship holds a dark secret they don’t know about. What’s that secret?
A mysterious alien entity appears to the group and telepathically tells them they have an impossible role to play in the future events and that they will need this ship to play that part. What does this means?
The group used to work for a Galactic Overlord, but now they fled his domains with his starship and are no longer under his influence. They earned a terrible enemy in doing so however. What was their job for him?
The group was actually a group of explorers from another dimension that accidentally traveled to the universe of Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells. Did anything came along with them?
They took the starship while trying to escape a disaster many died because of. Maybe a space station exploded and they were near a starship when the alarms sounded. Whatever the case, they don’t know who the owner was, or even if he survived the disaster. What really happened?
The group, all of a sudden, always had the starship. They cannot remember ever owning it, but everyone else around them do. Maybe reality has changed and they were thrown in an alternate timeline, or they had their memory erased. The fact is, reality has changed. What else is different?
The starship isn’t technically theirs yet. They owe a lot of credits to a not so friendly “business partner”. When does he plan to collect his debt?
The group received the starship from a dying ally who asked for one last favor before he died. What do they need to do for him?
The group don’t actually own a ship, they rent it from a local Crime Lord that has a sweet spot for them. Why is that, no one really knows. What does he actually want?

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