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Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells - A Brief History of the Universe - Part VI

Let's get over with the history classes, shall we? Last part of the history section of the universe with more job tables!

The Age of Galactic Overlords

After the Cleansing Wars that devastated the universe and erased many cultures from existence, the Galactic Overlords came to power. They divided the sectors between them based on their individual powers and origins. Some of them were not happy with their lot and infighting happens till this day.

Some small sectors and regions, although nominally within the domains of the Galactic Overlords, are actually ruled by an ally or lieutenant of them. Others, still, are so remote or protected by some barrier or obstacles that make them independent, like the Outer Regions and the Ghost Sector. Thar, however, don’t prevent an occasional attack by a furious Galactic Overlord once in awhile.

Today, these sorcerous tyrants conspire against each other in the shadows, always vying for more power and influence. Officially, they have a truce and an alliance between them, to keep the universe under their control, but they are an egotistical lot, and would love nothing more to have all the power to themselves, individually.

Legends from the Cleansing Wars
There is a pact between the Galactic Overlords that prevent them to entering the dominion of another. So if you need to escape the persecution of one of them, just go to the territory of one of his rivals.
One of the Galactic Overlords is a farce and use illusions to demonstrate his powers. He is actually protecting all the sentients in his domain from the oppression and cruelty of his “allies”.
The only weapons capable of harming the Galactic Overlords are those created by themselves, and guarded in their security vaults, from where no one has ever come out alive.
The Galactic Overlords forces cannot actually enter the location of a temple from the Order of a Thousand Suns. That’s how some of their knights managed to survive until this day.
You can only challenge the power of a Galactic Overlord by becoming one of them. And for that, you have to find the teachings of the First Sorcerer, which they will make sure you never do. But there is always a way, as the Void whispers in your ears.
There is one thing that can stop a Galactic Overlord, the sight of what they hold dear the most. Everyone of them has a passion, an obsessive love for something. The only thing that keep them from becoming complete servants of the Void, that keep them “human”. Find out what it is, and you can exploit it to your favor.
A Galactic Overlord’s power is linked to an amulet or other object of power where his human soul is locked for safety. If you can get your hands on these objects, you hold total power against them.
What actually give the power to the Galactic Overlords are the pacts the keep with the entities that live in the Void. If you can cut their deal with the entity or make them unsatisfied with their subjects, they may lose their powers and abilities.
One of the Galactic Overlords has been defeated by their subjects but they kept a hologram of the tyrant to prevent other Overlords to try to take their territory. The populace maintains a facade of oppression while figuring out how to protect themselves against future threats.
The Galactic Overlords are actually robots being controlled by the First Sorcerer, who is hidden in his fortress in the Void. If you can just find him and break his controls, the whole universe would be free again.

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If you like what you've just read, check out my books over RPGNow and Lulu.

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