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Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells - A Brief History of the Universe - Part IV

Artwork by Louis Glanzman

Behind any light, there is always a shadow, growing darker and darker...

The Coming of The Void

This era marks the decadence of the Empire. As it reached unparalleled levels of development and excellence in all areas, the Council was given more and more power and leeway. However, as it is said, power can corrupt the noblest of souls, and some of the members began to abuse their subordinates and take advantage of their position for their own good.

Some claim it was the influence of the Void, slowly seeping through the cracks of reality that were opening. Others just believe that everyone has a dark side, and it’s only a matter of time before it reveals itself to the world.

As such, discontent grew among the many systems and sectors, and animosity was rediscovered by the sentient species. Talk about leaving the empire and independence started to spread. And some within the Council backed this alternative.

This is the time the First Sorcerer revealed himself. No one knows who he really was, but some believe he was actually the great chancellor within the Empire’s Council. What no one will argue, however, is that his influence made into the Council and their members, and infighting began. Many also believe that some of the Council’s member became apprentices of the First Sorcerer and eventually became the Galactic Overlords that oppress the civilizations they once protected. This, ultimately, lead to the shattering of the empire and the formation of many warring factions, and the beginning of the Cleansing Wars.

Legends from the Fall of the Empire
The identity of the First Sorcerer can be discovered if the seat of the Council is found. It’s archives have information and recordings of the period. However, it’s believed that the Galactic Overlords will do everything in their power to prevent anyone from finding this lost place.
The tombs of the Council members who remained faithful to the empire hide secrets that could be used to fight the influence of the Void and the Galactic Overlords. The Order of a Thousand Suns has the location of those tombs.
A prophet had foreseen and warned the Council of the downfall of the empire. However, under the influence of the First Sorcerer, he was ignored and exiled. His predictions were all recorded in his own diaries that are now lost in the universe. If one could find it, they could know what terrible things are coming to us all.
The prismatic nebula the blocks the vision of the known universe into the unknown regions was created by a strong and wise leader of the people who wanted to protect them from the Galactic Overlords. Beyond it, the ideals of the Empire still survives.
Once the movement against the Empire began to gather strength a secret society of guardians of knowledge took many of the archives in the Great Repository and hid it in a place no one could find.
The Order of a Thousand Suns was created in this period, to battle the growing Void surrounding the Empire. Their first temple, if found, has all the register of the true events of that time.
The First Sorcerer, who taught all the Galactic Overlords in the way of the Void, has abandoned his wicked ways and now live in exilium. If one could find him and convince him of the importance of repentance, he could be a strong ally against the his former apprentices.
The species who denounced the Council members that were corrupted, were the first to be attacked. The survivors went to the Outer Regions, fleeing the persecution they were suffering from, and created the Barbaric Legions of the Outer Regions.
The technology developed in this age was focused on stealth and deception, and one of the greatest inventions allowed its user to completely vanish from any possible form of detection. This clock would deflect all light waves and other sensory input. A great order of Assassins was founded based on the use of this same technology, an order that exists till this day.
Throughout the universe, the Empire built great academies of knowledge and art. Most of them were deactivated during this time, but they still hold many secrets and important information.

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If you like what you've just read, check out my books over RPGNow and Lulu.

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