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Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells - A Brief History of the Universe - Part I

As was established, the universe is old, but it’s history is lost. Some may claim to know what really happened in past eras, the Galactic Overlords included, but the truth is that no one alive really knows. Or, at least, not anyone you can conceivably contact easily.

Therefore, it would be pointless to make a detailed recount of the history of the universe, since it would hardly have any impact in the game (and no one wants to memorize dozens and dozens of facts that doesn’t have nothing to do with the actual adventures they are having). Instead, we will present brief descriptions of what is generally believed to have happened in the past and a table with rumors and legends that can be heard about these periods (and that can be developed by Overlords into actual game elements if he so chooses). What is actually true or just speculation will be decided by Overlord himself.

The Birth of the Universe

It’s unknown how old the universe actually is. Millions of years ago for sure. Billions maybe. But the it was not always the way it is today. The beginning was chaotic but beautiful, full of potential. Planets, stars, moons and other celestial bodies were just forming themselves, cooling down, and life was just developing. Species warred for dominion and opportunity. Very few of them acquired sentience, and those that did, had to survive the hardships of a universe in formation. Some of them, however, were able to comprehend some of the secrets of this creation, and had a major role in all the events that lead to the colonization of other worlds.

Legends from the Birth of the Universe
In the exact spot from where the universe started to spread, you can find the very essence of all existence. With it, you can create anything you ever dreamed about, or change anything you don’t like in the universe.
The Void was actually part of the universe in the beginning of time, but in order for it to evolve and for life to be born, the star gods sent it away and locked it in a shadowy dimension. Only with their help we can lock the Void again.
The universe is actually a scientific experience conducted by a highly advanced species of giant gods. We are all playthings for them.
A highly advanced species from another dimension are the ones responsible for the creation of life and the development of sentience in our universe. No one knows where this race of beings are now.
The universe only exists as long as the child star god continues to dream about us. We have to make sure he continues to sleep forever, or we will cease to exist.
There are many different universes, just like this, existing in a parallel dimension, created at the same time as our own. These that are unworthy, are born here. If you prove yourself, you may be reborn in a more enlightened universe in your next life.
As the universe has a beginning, it has an end, and it’s coming for us, everyday getting closer. You will see the signs, as the Galactic Overlords fall one by one.
Our universe was created as the First Existence was shattered, creating many different flawed dimensions. Peace and prosperity will only prosper once we find a way to reunite all existence into one.
The Galactic Overlords created the universe with only their powerful will to exist. Everything that happened and that will happen is only because of them. If they ever cease to exist, so will we.
The universe is a farse. Everything we see and experience is just a facade, a simulation created by the Galactic Overlords. Our bodies are actually strapped into chairs or coffins where our sensory organs are linked to this terrible and elaborate virtual machine, as they drain us of our life force.

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If you like what you've just read, check out my books over RPGNow and Lulu.

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