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Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells - A Brief History of the Universe - Part II

For the first part of this series about the history of Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells universe, go here.

The Barbaric Age

After the development of the first civilizations and the discovery of space travel, sentients took to the stars, to spread their domains, acquire resources and put their mark in the universe.

This put strange and unknown species in contact with each other. And as it’s usually the case, what’s different and alien causes fear, and fear leads to hate. Wars raged amongst the stars. Some civilizations were completely wiped out. Others had to flee to survive, and some had to ally with their former e enemies against a bigger threat.

This era is marked by the constant bickering among species, and the always shifting spheres of influence. The initial efforts to reach peace and prosperity with the union of all sentients are also born here, but it’s also harshly persecuted.

Legends from a Barbaric Age
The energy sword of the Great Khazant Conqueror is rumored to be stuck in a crystal asteroid in the core of the universe. Who ever finds it and is strong enough to take it out will be able to defeat any foe.
The first starship ever created crashed in the unforgiving world of Pajark, where the radiation of the nearest star corrupt every living being under its rays. If anyone could put their hands in the treasures in that ship, they would be incredible rich!
One of the species that was almost extinguished in this barbaric age fled to a sector beyond the prismatic wall nebula that surrounds the limits of known space. Since then, they achieved such enlightenment that one who could contact them could discover the secret to fix our entire universe.
The leaders of the most fearsome species who spread brutality through the stars in the lost barbaric age were also sorcerers like the Galactic Overlords. If we find out how they were brought down, we can do it again in our time.
The great wars of that barbaric age just stopped because aliens began trusting each other again. That’s the only hope we can have in our time.
A great weapon, capable of annihilating an entire city lies hidden in an ancient fortress from that age, in the Ghost Sector. Not even those who live is this mysterious sector know of its existence. Only such power is capable of killing a Galactic Overlord.
A warlord of an immortal race was imprisoned under a gigantic maze, riddled with traps and security measure. It’s location is now lost, but rumors say if the warlord is ever released he will become a more cruel and powerful tyrant than all the Galactic Overlords together.
The first portals to the Void were opened in that lost age, and its influence is what made sentients battle each other until death for nothing but mistrust. They figured a way to close these portals back them. We can do the same now, if we figure out how.
A just and kind warlord disappeared with his entire army back in that age. He has been traveling the cosmos for millions of years and is about to return, to free us from the Galactic Overlords and to lead us to the conquest of the entire universe.
They say the wars just ended because, ultimately, the warlords had to face one another in a final battle which killed them all. Something made them do that, we just have to make the Galactic Overlords do the same thing.

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If you like what you've just read, check out my books over RPGNow and Lulu.

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