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Relationship Between Characters

Artwork for Dark Streets & Darker Secrets
As I am writing the draft text of the revised edition of Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells, I am compiling things from the corebook, the Addendum, updating some rules and adding new tolls and options to make the game provide even more hooks and opportunities for adventures to create themselves. One of these tools is the establishment of Characters's Relationships. However, I made the table in a way that it can be used in pretty much any type of game, as it describe relationships in a way that is somewhat specific but genre neutral.

Characters’ Relationships

Oftentimes the game will start on the premise that the PCs already know one another in some manner. This is done to speed up game play and get to the adventure as quicklyas possible. After all, everyone is there to have thrilling escapades in a sword and sorcery setting, and relationships actually take a long time to form.

Thus, it is usually a good idea for each character to establish some sort of relationship to at least two other PCs in the group. This is not mandatory, but it can create interesting entanglements and spark ideas that can even lead to new adventures. Some of these can be good relationships but others can be even of rivalries. Players are encouraged to look at their characters, their Concepts and Complications, and create bonds related to those. Alternatively, they can roll on the following table for inspiration.

Character’s Relationships
You are stepbrothers/stepsisters that never really liked each other, but now depend on one another. How did that happened?
You worked together in some illegal activity and although you almost got caught, you escaped by relying on one another. What did you do?
You were lovers once but are now separated. Do you still have feelings for each other?
The character once helped you when you were in a very rough spot and now you fell like you owe them something. How did they help you?
You were both involved in some terrible event and were the only survivors. What happened and why did you survive?
You are both responsible for a terrible tragedy but no one knows you are to blame. What did you do and why?
You found about the existence of something terrible you thought was only a legend at the same time. How did that happen and how did you become complicit?
You feel like you need to protect the other character. Why is that?
You confide with the character, trusting their advices and judgment. Why do you trust them?
You were rivals in a field you both feel connected to, but that rivalry turned into comradery. How did that happen?
You were friends since childhood but have grown apart over the years. Now you have found one another again. What drove you apart?
You both were friends of a third party that died recently in front of both of you, while you were trying to help. How did they die?
You studied together and never really liked one another, but circumstances now force you to work together. What are these circumstances?
You were both betrayed by the same person and that has brought you two together. Who was that betrayer?
Although not related, you two look almost like twins and feel strongly connected to each other. What’s behind this?
The character saved your life putting themselves in great risk. Why?
The character knows a secret about you that you would prefer he never revealed to anyone. What is this secret?
You two discovered something important and valuable together and now don’t know what to do with it. What did you discover?
You are both members of an organization. What’s is this organization and its goals?
You mentored the character in some important activity. How was that mentorship?

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