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Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells - Archetypes: The Gifted

Artwork by Louis Glanzman
I guess it's time to post the last character Archetype for Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells, the one who will meddle with the weird powers of cosmic sorcery of the even rarer psionics: The Gifted (although many will sewer the correct term should be The Cursed).

This is also just the draft text, you know the drill.

The Gifted

Not everything in the universe respects the laws of reality. You’ve discovered this truth and now reality bends to your will. Branding sorcerous or mental powers, you are capable of astonishing feats that not even technology can accomplish. But that also comes with a price. These powers are not meant to be used by mortals, so they corrupt and destroy everything they touch.

The Gifted is a character that focuses on special powers that can do almost anything. But these powers are not simple to use and are very taxing to the user and, sometimes, to others around him. Although poorly trained for combat, they powers can make a difference in most battles, especially when combating the sorcery of the Forces of the Void and the Galactic Overlords.

Prime Attributes: Intellect and Willpower
Recovery Roll: 1d6
Special Abilities
  • I Sense a Disturbance: The Gifted can sense supernatural activities and effects in their vicinity. Making an Intellect test with a Difficulty equal to the HD of the creature or the PL of the effect, the character can detect supernatural effects up to medium range.
  • I Make My Own Reality: Through their innate connection to The Void, The Gifted is able to manifest astonishing powers. They begin gameplay with 3 known powers and can learn a new one each Level thereafter. To use those powers, The Gifted makes a Willpower test with Difficulty equal to its Power Level (PL). More details on the use of powers can be found on Chapter 6: Sorcery and Psychic Powers.
  • The Void Hungers: The Void gives The Gifted his powers but charges a price for them. Normally, character have a risk to suffer an Power Backlash when they fail the Willpower test to manifest it, but they may opt to feed the Forces of The Void to gain a Positive Die on this test sacrificing a amount of Vitality points equal to twice the PL of the power being used. At least half of that amount must be from nearby allies of The Gifted.
  • There is Power in Blood: Using these supernatural powers is really taxing for The Gifted’s body and mind. To improve his chances to use his powers, the character may sacrifice points of Physique or Agility to add the same amount to his Willpower for a single Intellect test. After the test, these points are lost and need to be recovered normally (see Chapter 5: Combat for more details on Recovery and Healing).

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