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Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells - Archetypes: The Tough

As it is on Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells, Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells utilizes the system of Archetypes to allow the creation of characters with a broad range of abilities. This, allied with the character's Concept (detailed in this previous post), allows for the creation of a wide range of characters, almost without limitations, but without the need for infinite mechanical choices.

Today, I bring part of the text regarding these Archetypes. This is still a draft text, so some information might change.

Choosing Archetype

After defining the character’s Concept, players need to choose a character Archetype. Archetypes are classical representations of characters commonly found in the fiction that inspires Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells.

The four Archetypes in this game are The Though, The Nimble, The Smart, and The Weird. Each of them characterize a specific style of characters and grants them special abilities to fit those roles better.

Combining these Archetypes with the characters’ Concepts, players have a wide range of possibilities without the need for for complex systems and rules.

Each Archetype entry presents the following details:

  • Prime Attributes: This indicates which Attributes are the most important for these characters and which they more easily increase when leveling up.
  • Recovery Roll: The roll a player makes when resting and recovering breath.
  • Special Abilities: This entry presents the iconic abilities and powers of each Archetype, as well as the rules for using them.

The Tough

You are the strongest and most resilient person you know. Well, at least that’s what you want everyone to believe. You take pride in your physical prowess and usually prefer melee combat over ranged weapons. You may say it is because of some honor code, but the truth is you’re just much better with a vibroblade than with a blaster rifle.

The Tough is a character focused on his physical strength and constitution. They are excellent combatants and soldiers, being able to sustain punishment enough to bring down many others. They excel in close combat, physical effort and rapid recovery, making them ideal warriors and defenders of the adventuring party.

Prime Attributes: Physique and Agility
Recovery Roll: 1d6+2
Special Abilities

  • Too Tough to Die: Once per adventure, upon reaching 0 Vitality, The Tough immediately regains 1d6 + Level Vitality points. This represents the character strong resilience and unfaltering determination.
  • Feel the Pain: No one strikes as hard as The Tough. All melee damage inflicted by the character is increased by 1 (so if the weapon normal damage is 1d6, The Tough would cause 1d6+1 points of damage with it.
  • I Can Take’em All: The Tough knows how to take advantage of his superior combat prowess. The character can make a number of extra attacks per round equal to the difference between his Level and the highest number of HD possessed by an opponent in melee range of him.
  • That’s my Favorite: The Tough chooses one particular type of melee weapon as his favorite. When using weapons of that type, the character rolls a Positive Die when attacking.

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