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Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells - Actual Solar Blades

The legendary weapons of the Order of a Thousand Suns

This weekend I worked a little bit on the equipment chapter of Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells chapter. This will mainly contain mundane gear, rules for encumbrance and Credit Rolls (that will replace the book keeping of counting every single unit of money PCs have). However, the chapter will also present some rules and guidelines for advanced technology of past ages, like the legendary Solar Blades.

What follows is a draft of the current rules regarding them. Although they are quite formidable weapons they require some quite heroic deeds to make them work, since PCs will have to be creative and accomplish some crazy feats to recharge their Solar Crystals!

Solar Blades

These legendary weapons were created by the Order of the Thousand Suns to oppose the Galactic Overlords during the Cleansing Wars. They are very powerful artifacts if used against the Forces of the Void and users of sorcerous powers, but once found, the user will need to figure out how to recharge their energies.

In game terms, only blades weapons can be made with a Solar Blade, and their damage die explode (if the user rolls a 6, they roll the die again and add the results together). If used against the Forces of the Void, these weapons do an additional d6 of damage. Additionally, these weapons can be used to counter the effects of sorcerous powers. By voluntarily reducing the Durability score of them, the user can negate the effects of a single spell cast against him, without the need of making a Attribute tests.

Recharging a Solar Blade isn’t an easy task though. Characters will need to accomplish some amazing deed to recharge them (remember that they are not found already charged). The following table can be used as inspiration. The Overlord may decide what really works and what is just legends.

Deed to Recharge Solar Blade
Capture the essence of a dying sun in a Solar Crystal.
Convince one of the few surviving Solarians to share some of his life essence with you.
Insert the Solar Crystal inside a new born sun.
Purify a Void Crystal in the legendary Temple of the Stars.
Finding a new Solar Crystal in the center of the Universe.
Using a Solar Reactor to recharge the Solar Crystal. You will need to find and fix one first though.
Carry the Solar Crystal through a Solar Storm.
Hold the Solar Crystal at the collision of two suns.
Capture the energy created when a Void Breach is closed.
Exposing the Solar Crystal to the light of a thousand suns.
Compacting an entire sun into a single Solar Crystal.
Making the light reappear in the eyes of a true servant of the Void.
Suck the accumulated light inside a black hole and redirect it to the Solar Crystal.
Going into a Void Breach and finding light inside it. Only a powerful Solar Crystal would survive such intense darkness.
Destroying a Shadow Star. The light created in the event can be channeled into a Solar Crystal.
Splitting a sun into two. The residual light can be channeled into a Solar Crystal.
Going back in time to when the Order of a Thousand Suns created the Solar Blades and carrying fully charged Solar Crystals to our time.
Finding the legendary Sun Forge and creating a new Solar Crystal.
Constructing a massive structure to reflect all the light of a sun into a single Solar Crystal.
Finding a true Star God and getting a blessing from him after proving your worth.

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