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Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells - With Guns Blazing

Artwork by Louis Glanzman

Firing hundreds of bullets and laser beams agains out enemies is part of the fun of modern and futuristic RPGs, and in Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells you can do it too, and in a simple and effective way!

Rapid Fire

Some weapons allow it’s user to fire more than once in a single round. However, doing so means sacrificing precision for more chances of damaging opponents. In game terms, the Overlord may authorize some combatants to fire more than once per round depending on the firearms used, but each additional shot increases the overall Difficulty of all the Agility tests by 2. An opponent making additional attacks receives a -2 penalty on all d20 rolls per extra attack.

One of Kaylia’s companions see her struggling against the bounty hunter and opens fire on him. Deciding for a less subtle approach, he firer two shots against him, making each Agility test with the Difficulty increased by 2 beyond the normal Difficulty. So if the standard Difficulty would be 3, now it would be 5.


Some of the more modern and bigger weapons have the option to fire dozens if not hundreds of bullets in a few seconds. In game terms, some medium and heavy ranged weapons like sub machine guns and assault rifles can be used to fire a rain of bullets in an area of up to short distance within the weapon’s range. Doing so reduces the weapon’s Durability score by 1 automatically and allows the attacker to make an attack against everyone in the area affected.

Having managed to outrun all the opposite, Kaylia and her companions are almost at her starship’s stairs. But a single mercenary is still behind them. He stops to make a final attempt to shot them and opts to discharge his gun, making an autofire attack. Since the adventurers were running close to each other, he makes an attack against each of them, but his gun Durability is reduced by one, since he fired almost all its bullets at once.


Sometimes, the best strategy in a conflict is to flee. That way, you can fight again in another opportunity. However, turning away to run can open yourself for attacks. A character running away will forego his Action to escape, moving up to a medium distance, but will give the opportunity to every enemy within close range to him to make an attack against him if they themselves forego their action that round. If the fleeing character opt for a more slow escape, he can forego his action and move up to a short distance but this doesn’t allow immediate attacks against him.

When Kaylia ran from the bounty hunter, she was within close distance from him, so when she moved away from him, getting to medium distance, the Bounty Hunter got to make an immediate attack against her. Lucky for her, he missed it.

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If you like what you've just read, check out my books over RPGNow and Lulu.

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