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Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells - More Stuff to Do in Combat

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I promise I will start sharing more setting information as soon as I am done with the combat section. Then I will post more about ships, vehicle combat and stuff! But hey, I think there are some pretty neat rules here too! Combat can get pretty creative too!


Shields, other devices and even spells might allow combatants to block attacks completely. As explained in Chapter 3: Equipment and Credits, a shield bearer may opt to make an Attribute test to avoid it, effectively blocking it. This test uses all the normal rules, including the Powerful Opponents rule. For normal shields, the user rolls against Physique. For the other shields, each one should list the appropriate Attribute to be tested.

As more mercenaries began to arrive, Kaylia decided the best strategy was to get away. Looking at her side, she saw a big metal plate and decided to try to use it as a shield. She grabbed it and made a run for the door. Now, she could make a Physique test is someone would hit her. The Overlord would treat it as a small shield, allowing one block attempt per round.


Space adventurers will try all sort of crazy things, such as trying to collapse a wall to bury enemies under rubble, swinging in fancy antique chandelier to get to the other side of the Smuggler Lord’s hall, doing a back flip jump in an attempt to confuse an opponent, or any other outrageous thing you can think of.

Overlords should exercise their creativity in these situations, while also encouraging player’s ingenuity. Usually, a maneuver will require an Attribute Test, often with a Difficulty determined with the Powerful Opponent rule, and will provide some sort of advantage (giving a Positive Die on their next action), or will allow an action that wasn’t possible before. Below we present a few examples:
  • Disarming: Make a normal attack against the target and if you hit, you need to make a Physique test to disarm him.
  • Outmaneuvering: Make an Intellect or Agility test, depending on how the character approaches the maneuver. If successful, he gains a Positive Die on his next attack.
  • Pushing: Make a Physique test, you can push an opponent up to a short distance. You receive a Negative Die if the target is twice as big, or more, than you.
  • Defending: Make an Agility test against an opponent to defend an ally from his attacks. That opponent has to attack you instead of your protected ally.
  • Tumbling: Make an Agility test to pass through a opponent in combat without letting he hit you. You can make your normal move and the opponent has to chase you down if he wants to attack you.

As Kaylia run for the door, a siren sounds across the station and the sliding door begins to close. Desperate to escape, Kaylia tries to slide under it before it closes completely and the Overlord asks her for a Difficulty 2 Agility test. This ain’t going to be easy.

Multiple Attacks

Some warriors prefer to make a whirlwind or imprecise attacks instead of more focused and precises blows. A player may decide to make additional attacks per round, but each extra attack increases the Difficulty of all Physique test to make them by 2. An opponent making additional attacks receives a -2 penalty on all d20 rolls per extra attack.

Having escaped the trap, Kaylia runs away but is caught by an elite bounty hunter. Having run out of bullets, she draws her light sword and makes a desperate effort, making e attacks in a single round. The attack would normally be a Difficulty 2 Physique test, but since she is making two additional attacks, each one will be a Difficulty 6 test. Let’s hope she can make it.

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