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Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells - A Brief History of the Universe - Part V

The Void has come, and it changed to universe forever with its agents, the Galactic Overlords.

The Cleansing Wars

It didn’t take long before the growing animosities turned into a great war that raged throughout the whole universe. Lead by the First Sorcery, a score of powerful servants of the Void lead a great contingent of humans to believe they were the heirs of the universe, and that all other sentients should kneel before their superiority.

This immediately lead others species to elect strong leaders, and even their own sorcerer warlords to fight their enemies. Many now believe these were also trained by the First Sorcerer in disguise, manipulating the whole universe as his playthings.

These forces battled for centuries, and the forces of the Galactic Overlords were on the brink of victory when they discovered the plans of the First Sorcery. He intended to dispose all of them of their powers as soon as the war was won. That’s what turned the tide of war, as the Galactic Overlords betrayed their leader.

Legends from the Cleansing Wars
The First Sorcerer was locked in a dimensional prison and urges for freedom and vengeance. Releasing him from his imprisonment might be the key to defeating the Galactic Overlords. Figuring out how to stop him afterwards is another problem.
The great axe of the warlord Whar’Ghat was capable of cleaving mountains and destroying the greatest of the war machines. When defeated, his weapon was locked in the Vault of a Galactic Overlord, who was unable to wield it. Whoever put their hands on it can become the greatest warrior of all time.
The Ghost Sector was created during this period, to allow those that didn’t want to fight to find shelter in the universe. They hold most of the remaining knowledge of the previous eras.
The First Sorcerer had artifacts linked to each and all Galactic Overlords, so he could control them. These artifacts were hidden before he was defeated by his disciples. If you can find them, the tyrants or our universe will tremble.
There is much that the First Sorcerer didn’t teach the Galactic Overlords. If his grimoire could be found, one could learn his secrets and use it to become the greatest sorcerer of the whole universe.
The Cleansing Wars destroyed many planets, wiping dozens of species from existence. Their ghosts, however, still haunt the planets where they experienced terrible deaths, ready to exercise their wrath on anyone they can find.
Entire deposits of armaments lie buried under the ruins of destroyed civilizations, awaiting for the brave or crazy enough to look for it.
The remaining forces of the Empire had a schematic to create a weapon capable of draining all the sorcerous power of an individual, but never had the time and resources to build one. The schematic is still around somewhere in the lost Archives.
The Star Gods abandoned all contact with the sentients in this period, as they saw nothing could stop us from killing ourselves for frivolous reasons. Their currently affairs and location is unknown.
The Undead Queen is actually the First Sorcerer who returned from the dead after she was betrayed by the Galactic Overlords and is just biding its time before she completely wipes them from the universe, spreading death, and undeath, to all.

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