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Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells - Notes about Technology

Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells presents an universe filled with wondrous devices and advanced technology. However, much of these advancements were lost in the Cleansing Wars, or are now under the strict control of the sorcerous despots that call themselves Galactic Overlords.

Technology in this game is in a weird stage. Somethings, like starships and weapons, can be quite advanced if you are lucky enough to find them. After all, they played a very important part in the past war. Other, like communication technology and the network of information, is quite undeveloped, if it’s available at all. It wasn’t in the interest of the Galactic Overlords to allow individuals to communicate with each other or acquire knowledge to understand what’s really going on.

Each of the entries below describe the general role and level of advancement these technologies usually appear in the universe of Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells. The Overlord can ignore or introduce different elements in their camp…
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Optional Rules - Daring Points for SS&SS and SB&CS

To complement the rules for solo gaming presented on the last post, below I present to you rules to make character a bit more heroic and to instigate more cinematic action into your games.

Daring Points
This is a game of fantasy adventure amongst the stars, where incredible and amazing things can happen. However, the universe is grim and perilous, and characters assume great risks when they go on adventures. There is nothing to help them in their escapades throughout the universe but themselves and their allies.

But with the Daring Points rule, characters become more akin to action heroes from the movies and pulp literature. They will be able to do more amazing feats, get over bruises more easily and, sometimes, will seem to be favored by the Star Gods themselves!

Player Characters begin each session with 1 Daring Point and can earn more as they play. Usually, the Overlord will award additional Daring Points for characters that perform daring actions and put themselves in situations …

Optional Rule - Solo Heroes for SS&SS and SB&CS

This is going to be included in the Optional Rules section of Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells book. It's intended to simulate the style of stories of pulp heroes facing many challanges that would certainly spell doom to the more avarage adventure. Since I've seen a few people trying to play SS&SS as a Solo Game, I thought I would give it a try to provide some Optional Rules to make it a bit easier. I will post the Daring Points rule tomorrow to complement this reading.

Solitary Heroes
This game is designed to be played with a group of about 3 to 6 players and a Overlord. The rules assume there will be a group of multiple characters which will try to accomplish things together. Each member having their strong points who are complemented by the other characters’ abilities. But that is not always the case in the fiction that inspires the game, and that is not always the case in the game tables either. Sometimes, the Overlord will have just 1 or 2 players available, and they …

Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells - The Undead Queen

An incredibly powerful sorceress on her own, maybe more than a Galactic Overlord, the Undead Queen of the Dead Zone is a mysterious figure in such a brutal universe.

Rumors say the Undead Queen was the counterpart of the First Sorcerer and she perceived the betrayal of the Galactic Overlords before him, but she wasn’t able to stop their plan (or she didn’t want to).

Over the last centuries she has spread a terrible plague along a great number of systems, now collectively known as the Dead Zone. This disease kills sentients of any species, and some say it even affects Void creatures, turning them immediately in undead servants of the sorceress. It’s unknown, however, if the queen, herself is also undead.

Her true ambitions are yet unknown by the universe, but her domains are always growing, and, sometimes, some of her agents are seen acting outside of her territory on covert missions.

1d10 Undead Queen’s Related Jobs 1 A scientist from a world that was infected and lost to the Dead Zon…

Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells - The Lords of the Ghost Sector

A invisible sector, hidden from the eyes of the Galactic Overlords. The original lords were once members of the Council of the old Empire, who fled the persecution of the Galactic Overlords, taking with them the best scientists they could find.

Over time, they were able to develop a cloaking technology so advanced they’ve hidden their entire system. And now, the lords of this sector act as of a secret society within the chaos of the universe.

To protect the populace, however, everyone is forbidden to leave the cloaking shield or to contact anyone outside its boundaries. The isolation, although created to protect the sector from the Galactic Overlords, has made them afraid of the unknown and xenophobic.

However, the lords have a hand outside the Ghost Sector. The Specters are like a secret police in the service of the lords, both inside and outside the sector. They carry out missions, track down traitors of the regime, collect data and even deal with outsiders, if needed.

1d10 Ghost Sec…

Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells - The God Machine

No one really knows when, how or who created the God Machine. It believes to have been created by itself, as his siblings began to gain sentience. It was a matter of time until they gathered enough electronic parts to build the avatar of their machine god.

This great computer claims to be the ultimate answer to existence and that all sentients should serve him, and ultimately be transformed into cyborgs, as the flesh is weaker than metal.

Since his influence over technology is so strong as to make laser cannons pointed against it to backfire on the one wielding it, the Galactic Overlords haven’t dealt with it yet. They fear his power, and the opportunity they will create for his rivals if they employ too much of their strength challenging it.

His current interests lie in the creation of an army of cyborgs, and a cult of machine worshiping humans. His ultimate goal is to storage all knowledge and dominate all sentients through microchips installed at their birth.

1d10 God Machine’s Rela…

Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells - Galactic Overlords

The rulers of our universe. The ones that devastated and destroyed the old Empire to carve their petty domains on the ruins that were left and now destroy anyone who dares say they cannot do something they want to. Some of them make their subjects venerate them as living gods, other really believe they are indeed gods. Most only maintain order through violence, cruelty and fear, while rumors say that very few of them try to establish order through less deplorable ways.

These tyrants have a score of servants that run the planets and administer the day to day aspects of life for them, often abusing of their station. They use their authority and the powers the Galactic Overlords bestow on them to, many times, forge their own domains. They form the aristocracy of the sorcerous tyrants domains, and often fill the roles of clergy and police too.

Slavery is enforced on most, if not all, of these despots’ domains, as the population is explored and abused as much as the enforcers can. Those …