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The Dead Are Coming - How to Survive

4 - How to SurviveThe Referee describes a situation and scenario. You describe what your survivor will do. The Referee will narrate the outcome using the rules when needed. The conversation flows with the rules regulating situations that are uncertain and interesting.

4.1 - Role PlayingYou play as a survivor in a post-apocalyptic world with zombies and other terrible people. You say what they say, decide what they do and think for them. You can speak in first, second or third person (or switch between). You don’t need to act like an actor (you can if you want to), you just need to make decisions for them.

4.2 - Keep This in MindTo have improved chances of surviving and take the most out of this game, keep these in mind.
Ask questions to clarify situations and acquire much needed information and make notes.
Work with the other survivors. Plan ahead. Make allies, if you can.
When you roll dice, you are risking everything. Make good plans and avoid the dice.
Play to survive, but enjoy your dea…
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Gary Gygax Day - What I've Learned from Gary Gygax

Today is Gary Gygax Day! Gary Gygax was one of the creators of the first, most played and best-known RPGs of all time, Dungeons & Dragons. But he was not only the creator of one of the most influential games of all time. He was a great referee, storyteller and active member of a community of RPG players. He may have had his flaws too, and no one is immune to that. And although we have to keep these in mind too, that should not stop us from learning from what he could teach us.

Even though he is one of the biggest names in the RPG game industry, Gygax was always available to chat, answer questions and even play with fans and admirers. It was not uncommon for him to invite people to come and play with him at his home, and he did not fail to help, give tips and talk about RPG with anyone who approached him. He was the archetypal DM, a teacher, a creator, a real master. It is not surprising that his birthday is honored until this day, and hundreds of websites, publishers and stores rel…

The Dead Are Coming Preview - Gear and Resources

All prices are in resources (Food, Water, Bullets, and Fuel), some people will accept some resources but not others. 3.1 - ResourcesResources are items and commodities survivors need everyday. You can usually trade 1 unit of a Resource for another, unless the other person has enough of what you’re offering.FoodA unit of food must be consumed per day by each survivor.1 day without food gives you a Deprived condition.After 5 days without food, suffer 1d6 points of damage per day.
WaterA unit of water must be consumed per day by each survivor.1 day without water gives you a Deprived condition.After 2 days without water, suffer 1d6 points of damage per day.
BulletsA unit of Bullets is consumed every time you roll a 1 on a damage roll with guns.For simplicity sake, Bullets are interchangeable.Some weapons may automatically use a unit of Bullets as noted.
FuelA unit of fuel is consumed every 4 hours of usage by a car or 8 hours by a motorcycle or generator.

The Dead Are Coming - Inventory

2 - InventoryYour survivor can carry a number or normal sized items equal to 5 + STR. If they lose their backpack or similar items, they can carry a number of items equal to their STR only. Some larger items, such as two-handed weapons and bulky armour count as 2 items.
2.1 - Retrieving ItemsYou organize your inventory putting the most accessible items in the first positions on the character sheet. To retrieve an item on an encounter, spend your action and roll 2d6. If you roll equal to or higher than the item position, you retrieve it. Otherwise you will also need your next action to get it.
2.2 DurabilityMost items have Durability of 3. When an item loses a point of Durability, mark a “*” next to it on your character sheet. When the item has 3 “*” next to it, it is depleted or destroyed. “*” can be cleared from items if they are repaired, recharged or refilled.Items usually lose 1 point of Durability whenever the Referee deems they have been used enough.When using an item and making a…