Dark Streets & Darker Secrets - Weird Items

I came up with a different rule for this game, inspired by how DCC RPG makes use of those Zero Level Items that no one knows how to use.

Weird Items
Each character begins the game with a weird item that seems ordinary but hides some extraordinary propriety. What this strange power might be is up to the player and the Referee. Referees should allow and reward creative and fun ideas about these objects, but their usability should still be limited. In order to work, a player must make a Luck Roll to make use of the strange propriety of these Weird Items.
Below is a random table of items that can be used to determine what these items are. What they actually do we will only find out during the game. A rusty dagger might vibrate when ghosts are nearby. A broken watch might freeze time for 1d6 rounds. A broken mirror might allow the user to see in the Shadow World.
d66 Weird Item 1 Melted amulet 2 Ancient arrowhead 3 Beaten backpack 4 Discolored bag 5 Small metallic ball 6
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