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Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells - Powers Backlash

When The Gifted channels the energy necessary to manifest a power but fails to control it appropriately, it turns against him and his allies. That’s called a Backlash, and it can happen when a character fails the Willpower test to manifest his powers.

In game terms, the Overlord has the freedom to determine what exactly happens, and he can base his decision on the power being used, its PL, the character’s Concept, and the situation at hand. Uncontrollably manifesting a fire based power on a rocky wasteland and on a dry field covered with leaves and sticks might have drastically different consequences. Generally, the higher the PL used for the power, the direr the consequences.

Powers that damage enemies could damage the sorcerer of his allies for by 1 point per PL. Powers that confuse the senses could fool the user or his allies that something is true while it actually isn’t for half the duration of the intended power.

If necessary, the Overlord can roll on the following tables to de…
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Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells - Sorcery and Psionics

Whether a character makes use of sorcery or psychic powers it up to his player. It’s an important narrative choice, but in game terms, there is little impact beyond a different Backlash and Corruption tables.

Story wise, however, each one has a different feel and meaning. Sorcery is a art the very few manage to learn. We are not sure if it's because it’s inherent difficulty or because many will perish before mastering its use. The fact is that it’s use make sorcerers very powerful, while at the same time corrupt and drain their life energy. Those who wield it are considered mad at beast and demon possessed at worst. The life force drained by its users are transformed in spells and other effects that defy the laws of existence.

Mentalists are how those possessing psychic powers are usually called. Their abilities are not thought or learned, at least not in the same way as sorcery is. These individuals are born with their capabilities, same say they were blessed to fight against th…

Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells - How did you get a Starship!?

The setting of Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells is pretty dark and grim, and it's very unlikely that a character could "buy" a starship in the beginning of his career (and maybe, even at the middle of it, since owning one could make you more independent from the sorcerous despots that rule the universe, and more likely that you could challenge their authority.

However, it is still a game of sword and sorcery in the stars. I wanted to give players a starship nonetheless, but they need to come up with a good story on how they got one, or they could roll on a random table (yeah, I love random tables).

How Did We Get Our Starship?

Starships are not sold in every corner of the universe, especially after the Cleansing Wars. The technology to actually build them is almost lost to most sentient species, and the Galactic Overlords don’t look too fondly on the independence a starship gives to their owners.

But even ignoring this, starships are extremely expensive, normally out of …