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RPG Books on Lulu

I really like ordering RPG books from Not only I believe their printing and binding is superior than DriveThruRPG, they have discount coupons and free shipping from time to time, which helps those not living in US and Europe a lot easier!

But every time I share coupons for it, someone will ask for recommendations. There are some lists around the internet, but they are not so up to date and some are harder to find. So I am gonna build one slowly. Adding books, magazines, zines and whatever else we can find there that I find useful and intriguing for OSR games. Next time you come here, I will have more! If you have suggestions, comment below!

My Own Stuff








  1. Great idea! A personal favourite is:

    Is it OSR? Who can say?

    1. I've been meaning to ge this for a long while!!!

  2. Great list! I just put up some OSR adventures on Lulu:

  3. I think I used Lulu for 2 RPGs and they were very quick to print and ship in Canada. Here are some other games:
    --Open Adventure Basic Rulebook by Kyle Mecklem (98 pages, OSR logo on the cover)
    --White Lies RPG in French, 414 pages (this is the DWD Studios game of espionage using old-school rules, 5 "spy" character-classes that go up to Level 10, but translated into French and re-edited by John Grümph. The original DWD Studios game in English is not on Lulu.) print or .pdf
    --Shitlord: The Triggering by E. Reagan Wright (a fantasy OSR but spells, items & monsters poke fun at the Politically Correct) print or .pdf

    You might find much more on a search of "OSR RPG" on Lulu.

  4. Oh, and your page could benefit from alphabetizing each section, when you can!

  5. I enjoyed this post and pointed some people towards it on my podcast this week.

  6. Hey, I see you have 43 AD, which is one of my favorites (love the combat system). You should also check out Zenobia by the same author as it uses the same system and is more of the traditional Sword & Sorcery setting.

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