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Anttelius - The War of Many Stars

The history of Anttelius is long and mysterious, but signs of its passage can still be seen today, and the chroniclers of the order speculate on what really happened in the eons that have gone by.

The Wars of Many Stars

As many alien beings came to this world, each for their own reasons, conflict didn’t take long to emerge. Signs and early records of the most primitive human languages indicate that a great war devastated many civilizations of these ancient times.

What caused this all out war is unknown but its consequences were catastrophic to the races who rules out world of yore. Their population seems to have disappeared suddenly and violently. This conflict don’t seem to have lasted much time, as the records and depictions found in the ruins of this early age rarely mention or depict these conflicts.

What is almost certain is that the first civilizations of men began to appear as the early races dwindled.

The Fall of the Early Civilizations
A great leader of men was the responsible for planting the seeds that would flourish in the wars that lead to the extinction of the early alien civilizations. He was the first human sorcerer, and his archives are still lost.
The ancient races were brought down by a violent disease which came with a meteor and quickly spread all over Anttelius. Rumors say this meteor was summoned by mistake when a Sorcerer-King tried to ascend to upper planes of existence.
One of the greatest civilizations of the ancient races managed to escape the consequences of the conflict that devastated the other people of its age by seeking shelter in the depths of out world. They are hidden until today, forever changed by what they found in the darkness.
Many devastating artifacts of great power were created by the generals and sorcerers of the many people who fought each other. If someone could put their hands in even one of these objects, they would be one of the mightiest warriors of our age.
Some of the warriors who fought these wars in the distant past still fight to this day. They tale the form of terrifying creatures of undeath and can only be stopped by someone wielding the scepter of their former king.
A great immortal sorcerer is hidden in the tallest peak of our world. They have seen all that has happened in Anttelius and can answer any question someone asks him, as long as the one asking serve him for 101 days.
The great conflict that devastated the early civilization of Anttelius has not ended and continue to this day on a cosmic scale. Our race serves as pawns in this great war, as powerful entities manipulate our reality and our minds to serve their purpose.
Humans were one of the many races created to serve as slaves and soldiers in the wars of these ancient races. If a proper spell is cast, entire populations of our raca can be commanded as mere puppets.
Signs of another war that could destroy today’s civilizations are appearing everywhere. Only by traveling to the ancient times and study what caused the conflict can one prevent the upcoming doom.
The tomb of a powerful general is located on the depths of the mirror lake, protected by 7 copies of himself made of many magical elements. The treasure of a dozen kings and powerful artifacts is entombed with the immortal general.
The conflict that devastated the civilizations of yore was not amongst themselves, but again a powerful outside force, and they actually won, even though this cost their lives in the end. However this enemy is returning.
The gods worship by these ancient people were forgotten once their civilizations were no more. They await new followers to bestow their blessings and be brought back to this world. If one can find the true names of these beings, they could gain powerful favors.
Image used under licence from The Forge Studio.

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