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Anttelius - The Fall of the Empire

We are almost getting to the end of the series of post about the history of Anttelius. So here we go to the fall of the greatest human civilization to date...

The Fall of the Empire

Once the First Sorcerer-King was gone, the empire began to fall apart as the most powerful sorcerer began to vie for power within it. The First Sorcerer’s daughter was a powerful sorcerer herself but unfamiliar with the politics and backstabbing of the courts. She remained the official ruler if the Empire for a few hundred years, but in reality, each Arch-Sorcerer controlled their own turf.

It was the day of her death that marked the definite fall of Zartar. What caused it is unknown, although there are various theories. This immediately lead to an all out conflict between the many Arch-Sorcerers who deemed themselves the rightful successors to the throne of the Empire. The few confusing records of this time also talk about many other problems Zartarians were facing at the time, but it is uncertain whether these were caused by this conflict or were external influences that made the Empire’s situation even worse.

In a few thousand years the Empire dwindled. Entire City-States were obliterated. Some of them vanished as if they have never existed. In the end, something caused a great cataclysm that changed Anttelius forever, sundering our world, killing millions and sending humanity into a age of darkness and savagery.

The Fall of Zartar
The Sorcerer-Queen, daughter of the First Sorcerer-King, was obsessed with her own research in the intrinsical ways in which the many realities interacted. She didn’t care if the Empire was ruining around her as long as she could immerse herself in her pursue of the truths of realities. In fact, she didn’t die as it is believe, she just left our imperfect reality.
Once the Sorcerer-Queen was no more, all the many sons and daughters of the First-Sorcerer decided it was their time to rule the Empire, and plotted the assassination of their rivals. With their immortal blood, some of them live until today, awaiting their opportunity to kill their siblings and finally become the rightful rulers of all Zartarians.
The Sorcerer-Queen was killed by her own twin, who desired the power to herself. This twin, however was promptly dispatched by another sibling who banished her to a prison dimension, where she lies until this day, biding her time and planning her revenge. The spell who kept her there is failing.
What caused the fall of the Empire wasn’t the power struggle of it’s many Sorcerer-Princes and Sorcerer-Princess, but the mind altering curse of the alien worm people who despised the advancements of the Zartarians. As our societies are again on the rise, these monstrosities will soon attack again.
The great war the ravaged the Empire of Zartar wasn’t a power struggle but a war caused by species of parasites from the Abyss who infected the Zartarians. Those who still had their minds free of the chaotic bondage fought as hard as they could, but doom was inevitable. Even the surviving Zartarians of today could be part of this infected race.
The story of a great war amongst the Arch-Sorcerers of Zartar is a lie. The ancient races who ruled Anttelius before Zartar hated the ascension of humanity and plotted its downfall since the first city was built. Now, they hide amongst us with their sinister sorcery, awaiting the moment to put humanity in the slave pens once more.
The Sorcerer-Queen was sacrificed by three of her lovers in an attempt to become powerful demons of their own right. However, this ritual went awry and a great rift to the Abyss was opened, allowing the forces of chaos to sip in and corrupt the Empire of Zartar forever, which eventually lead to its complete ruin. This ritual is still sought after ambitious sorcerers, however, and this could happen again at any moment.
The all out war which ripped apart the whole Empire was plotted by a group of slaves who learned sorcery from their masters. They knew it was only a matter of time and using the Zartarians own self interests to cause their downfall. However, their plan went too far and the sorcery of the Arch-Sorcerers almost destroyed Anttelius. To find the records of these legendary conspirators could earn the finders an impressive amount of fame and gold.
The Great Chasm was the site of Zartar’s greatest city, Bristari. It wasn’t great because of its mighty sorcery or military might, but because of its advanced culture, the equality enjoyed by every inhabitants, whether or Zartarian blood or not. The cooperation and exchange of ideas lead to an enlightened society that prized knowledge and peace. That’s why they crafted a powerful spell to take their entire city out of Anttelius when the conflict reached them. They might come back to take us with them if we ever reach this state of enlightenment as well.
A City-State of the Empire of Zartar, seeing the downfall of the whole empire and a horde of barbarians lead by a crazed Sorcerer coming in their direction took a desperate course of action. Sacrificing their souls, they sought refuge in the depths of the Abyss. They escaped their enemies, but were forever corrupted by chaos. The time of their return is approaching, when they no longer have to serve their demonic overlords. What will they do when they return to Anttelius?
Before the ultimate fall of the Empire, a powerful and crafty Sorcerer-King arranged for his soul to be stored in a valuable jewel to be given to a foreign sovereign. Now, the ruler of this society lives under the influence of this ancient sorcerer, and he is bent on recreating the mighty of Zartar.
During the thousands of years of the war that devastated Zartar, many Arch-Sorcerers dedicated themselves to the creation of powerful weapons. These artifacts could kill dozens of enemies with a single blow, but also charged a step price for their use. Whenever one is found, history is forever altered. It seems a barbarian in the north found one of such weapons.

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