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Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells - The Undead Queen

An incredibly powerful sorceress on her own, maybe more than a Galactic Overlord, the Undead Queen of the Dead Zone is a mysterious figure in such a brutal universe.

Rumors say the Undead Queen was the counterpart of the First Sorcerer and she perceived the betrayal of the Galactic Overlords before him, but she wasn’t able to stop their plan (or she didn’t want to).

Over the last centuries she has spread a terrible plague along a great number of systems, now collectively known as the Dead Zone. This disease kills sentients of any species, and some say it even affects Void creatures, turning them immediately in undead servants of the sorceress. It’s unknown, however, if the queen, herself is also undead.

Her true ambitions are yet unknown by the universe, but her domains are always growing, and, sometimes, some of her agents are seen acting outside of her territory on covert missions.

Undead Queen’s Related Jobs
A scientist from a world that was infected and lost to the Dead Zone wants to capture a number of undead subjects to experiment with and find out whatever he can about the disease that killed his family.
A self proclaimed king in the Outer Regions claims to have found the cure to the Dead Plague. He is willing to sell to the highest bidder. The Queen wants him dead, and others want the formula stolen.
A wealthy prospector believes a planet in the Dead Zone to be rich in a high demand resource. He wants to hire the characters to travel in there and find out if it’s true and install a beacon in the resource location.
A mysterious man needs to hire the crew for a mission. He wants to locate a lost temple in thea devastated world within the Dead Zone. He is a former member of the Order of a Thousand Suns.
An increasingly number of Voiders are coming from the Dead Zone into the free worlds of the Outer Region. A group of independents want to send a small team in there to investigate why is it, and how come they have not turned into the undead.
The Undead Queen wants an artifact that is inside the ruins of an old and sacred temple of the Star Gods, where her undead minions cannot enter. She will pay good Credits to anyone willing to do this favor for her.
The Queen wants to send a message to someone important. She cannot use her undead servants as this will attract too much attention, so she turns to mortals she believes she can control.
Galactic Overlords want to spy on the queen’s laboratories but do not want to use their own forces in fear of attracting her attention. So they turn to free agents who are brave (or dumb) enough to accept the job.
An undead claims to need the help of the characters too save people still alive in a recently contaminated planet. He says he will soon be under the control of the Undead Queen, but he still has some of his own free will to try to help his previous companions.
A distress call coming from a planet on the Dead Zone that supposedly has no one left alive. The message claims to be from explorers looking for a ship that crashed in the planet after a faulty star jump:

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