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Optional Rules - Daring Points for SS&SS and SB&CS

To complement the rules for solo gaming presented on the last post, below I present to you rules to make character a bit more heroic and to instigate more cinematic action into your games.

Daring Points

This is a game of fantasy adventure amongst the stars, where incredible and amazing things can happen. However, the universe is grim and perilous, and characters assume great risks when they go on adventures. There is nothing to help them in their escapades throughout the universe but themselves and their allies.

But with the Daring Points rule, characters become more akin to action heroes from the movies and pulp literature. They will be able to do more amazing feats, get over bruises more easily and, sometimes, will seem to be favored by the Star Gods themselves!

Player Characters begin each session with 1 Daring Point and can earn more as they play. Usually, the Overlord will award additional Daring Points for characters that perform daring actions and put themselves in situations that are dramatically appropriate to the pulp style of the game. Below are a few examples of actions that would probably entail the award of a Daring Point.

  • Putting themselves in a dangerous situation a normal person wouldn’t in search for adventure (entering a dark sinister cave to where the blood trail leads to, for example).
  • Attempting risky and unnecessary maneuvers and feats that look really cool and within the pulp genre (swing on chandeliers to get in the middle of the action, doing back flips on the wall to get over an obstacle).
  • Performing any other action that causes strong reactions of amazement and excitement on the other players and the Overlord (this is dependent on the Overlord’s judgment but should be pretty clear during game play).

The number of Darings Points always reset to 1 at the start of each new adventure.

Using Daring Points

Daring Points can be used by players to various effects as explained below. A character can spend as many Daring Points per encounter as he has Levels of experience.

  • Spend 1 Daring Point to perform an extra Action or Movement in an action round at any point, even when it’s not the character’s turn to act.
  • Spend 1 Daring Point to step back and assess your actual wounds. The character forego all Actions for one round to regain a number of Vitality points determined by his Recovery Roll. He can still move however.
  • Spend 1 Daring Point to provide a Positive Die to a single Action. The player has to narrate how luck has favored his character and tipped the odds to his favor.
  • Spend 1 Daring Point to reroll any die roll you’ve just made. However, you must choose to do so before the Overlord declares the consequences of the roll.
  • The Overlord may allow other creative uses for Daring Points according to the style of game and story he and his players prefer.

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