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Anttelius - A World of Warlocks & Barbarians - An Introduction - Part I

So, Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells is still being worked on. I am doing a bunch of art for it, hiring artists to make more art, and keeping at their tail so it will be finished on time. But, while I have some free time between drawing and talking to collaborators, I am witing the next book in the SS&SS line, a setting toolbox!

So you want to learn about the secrets of our world and beyond? You’ve come to the right place. The Order of Chroniclers holds the most extensive library in our world, containing many answers but, more importantly, much more questions.

Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells is a rules light sword and sorcery role playing game with such a flexible system, almost any pulp fantasy world could be easily adapted for play. Its rulebook, however, does not contain a readymade setting.

That’s what Antellius is for. This book contains a world framework intended for providing strong themed elements and a vast set of tools, allowing each campaign to be unique and helping referees with game preparations and improvisation when necessary.

Although originally intended for Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells, the world, its cultures, locations, legends, personalities, secrets and other elements within this tome are perfectly usable with other fantasy RPGs, especially those that support sword and sorcery style of stories and the style of game supported in the Old School Renaissance.

So ready your swords and prepare for a long and perilous journey. Welcome to Anttelius, a world of warlocks and barbarians.

What is Anttelius

Antellius means “Old World” in ancient Zartarian. Even in the ancient Empire of Zartar the Sorcerer-Kings already knew much of our world’s history and inhabitants had come before them.

Throughout the previous books of Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells, many elements of the world of Anttelius have been referred, such as the supernatural being called Ogh’Oid, the vast and corrupt city-state of Mezzanthia and the Order of Chroniclers in that said city. However, the intention of this book is not to define every single detail of this vast world, but to provide a strong framework where you upon you can build your own world of Anttelius.

In order to do this, we must first make you familiarized with the spirit and themes of this world. To help Referees in this task, the book presents below a list of the 10 main themes of the world of Anttelius and a table of elements to be used during the game to reinforce them.

The World is Ancient

The current people living on the decadent city-states are just the latest cultures to live in Anttelius. Many civilizations have come and gone under the red sun that warms this planet, and not all of them were human. Before the rise of humankind from its primitive origins, inhuman races reigned over this world and the ruins of these civilizations lie scattered in the wilderness and under the streets of the rebuilt city-states. But even though the signs of their passage on this world are clear, little is known about their history and destiny after the ruin of their cities.

Signs of the Ancients
An eroded statue depicting a humanoid that do not resemble a contemporary human of any known culture.
An object with decorations from an style not seen in thousands of years.
An almost erased painted mural depicting an ancient historical event.
Ruined pillars with carved decorations resembling strange and alien creatures.
A carved piece of hard material with alien characters that are almost indecipherable
The face of an ancient personality carved in a ruined wall.
Unbelievably preserved skeletons of strange humanoids that barely resemble humans.
A half buried lavishly sculpted stone coffin, depicting a ancient noble of a lost civilization.
A great mosaic on the floor, covered by dirt, depicting an old map, barely identifiable.
Scraps of old clothes and accessories used by an ancient people, with strange and forgotten symbols.
The ruins of great architectural achievements that no civilization today can accomplish.
The remains of a tapestry depicting a common custom of an lost civilization.

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