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The OSR in Brazil - Part I

The first RPG ever published in Brazil was Tagmar (a fantasy RPG that seems like a mash up of AD&D and Marvel Super Heroes with that colorful table - they are actually making a revision of this game, but it’s taking a non Old School approach now) in 1991. So we didn’t really have all those wonderful Old School games that are so ingrained in the OSR in general. The first full edition of D&D to be published here were the reviser core books of AD&D second edition.

Thus, for many of us, the OSR is more like an Old School Revelation than a Renaissance. These games are new to us, they bring a refreshing take on the hobby that we have almost never seen. I discovered the OSR in 2011 and it changed the way I play RPGs ever since.

All this was to explain a little how the OSR is seen here by many of us. It’s still a very small part of the hobby here, but it’s always growing.

In this article I will present the OSR games that are currently being published and available in our country.

Old Dragon

This is the oldest and most famous OSR game in Brazil. It’s what they call a Retro-Golem of D&D. It doesn’t simulate and specific edition of D&D, but take bits and pieces from various of them, especially AD&D 2nd Edition, D&D Rules Cyclopedia and D&D 3rd Edition. It’s purpose is to have adventures in the well known themes of D&D, with goblins, orcs, dragons, dwarves in the mountains and elfs in the forests. They even have a line of adventures heavily inspired by classic TSR modules like Keep on the Borderlands, Expedition to the Barrier Peaks and others.

However, they are now starting to publish other books trying to take the game to other themes, like Thordezilhas, which provide rules for games in the style of Pirates of the Caribean, for example.

Space Dragon

This is the SciFi version of Old Dragon, inspired by pulp Science Fantasy stories like Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers. It’s a Retro Space Roleplaying game, with Rockets, fishtank helmets and such. Cool game, cool art!

Espadas Afiadas & Feitiços Sinistros (Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells)

This is the Brazilian edition of my RPG Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells, a sword and sorcery Old School RPG inspired by many games in the OSR and some outside of it while maintaining the Old School sensibilities. I actually publish the books first in english to then release them in Portuguese. I will explain why in another post.

Foices & Feitiços

Foices & Feitiços is another Retro-Golem game that simulates D&D without actually using the rules of an specific edition. It’s genre fantasy gaming, using d6, similar to Epees & Sorceleerie.


This game uses the Barbarians of Lemuria system but takes the setting to a sword and sorcery egypt land, while also modifying a few rules.

Espadas & Punhais

This is an Old School new game, with a system that fits right into the Old School sensibilities without being a clone or simulation of D&D editions.

Bruxos & Bárbaros

This was my first attempt of creating a sword and sorcery game, with a strong influence of AD&D 1e, D&D B/X and DCC RPG. It was going to be huge, so it would take too long to actually publish. SS&SS is the spiritual heir to this. The setting will be published for SS&SS though.

Masmorras Esquecidas

This has just been published in PDF here and is our White Box clone.

Aventura e Magia

This is another retro genre fantasy game. I’ve never read this one, so I can’t say much about it.

Bonus: Saqueadores do Destino

This one is not technically an OSR game, as it takes a lot from FATE, but it also has many inspirations from Old School gaming, mortality and challenges. The author is a very versatile gamer and blended narrative games and old school playability in a surprising way.


Well, I think that’s it. If I forgot something, I will keep adding to the list. It’s not much, but the OSR is getting stronger every year here and we are starting to take some space in the small conventions we have. But that’s a subject for another post!

P.S.: This post was inspired by the post called OSR in Spain.

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